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Table for Twelve
OC's "Table for Twelve" program needs OC alumni in the Oklahoma City area to open their homes to students for small dinner parties that bring alumni and students together in a warm, friendly environment for good food, conversation, and camaraderie.

Table for Who?
Though having dinner with twelve people you don’t know may sound a bit unappetizing, “Table for Twelve” is a new program that connects current Oklahoma Christian University students with alumni, and adds a personal touch to the Oklahoma Christian experience for today's students.

It’s much more than a meal.
The phrase “Table for Twelve” may sound intimidating and unusual but the concept behind the program is to build and strengthen the Oklahoma Christian community by creating an informal atmosphere for Oklahoma Christian students to make connections with alumni and faculty as well as other students they might otherwise not know. Apart from good food and conversation, the program is attractive because it affords students the opportunity to network with Oklahoma Christian alumni, find out about life after college, and interact with professors outside the classroom. It also offers a chance for students to get a feel for the extended OC family, and to see that they can still be involved and stay connected with Oklahoma Christian after they graduate.

How do I participate?
The program format is simple! Local alumni are invited to host dinners, at no cost to their guests, for about 10 or so students and a couple of faculty members. If you don't have room for twelve, feel free to host a smaller dinner. These gatherings can be as formal – or as casual – as the host desires, and can take place in the alum's home, outdoors or at a restaurant. Dinners can range from a catered affair to a backyard barbeque. As the host, you get to decide!

Serving as a host benefits you and current Oklahoma Christian students.
The program is designed to be as rewarding for the alumni hosts as it is for the students and faculty members. As a participant, you will help to bring together and, subsequently, bridge the gap between current Oklahoma Christian students and alumni. This is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences with fellow members of the Oklahoma Christian community!
The “Table for Twelve” program is a recipe that has worked well for other colleges and universities across the country. After seeing the success of similar programs, OC's Office for Alumni Relations decided to bring the "Table for Twelve" program here to Oklahoma Christian. We hope the program will turn into a great succession where students will eventually play host to the dinners as alumni.
When do I host my dinner?
"Table for Twelve" dinners take place during the fall and spring semesters at OC. As a "Table for Twelve" host, you decide when you want to host your "Table for Twelve" dinner. Due to the church and club obligations of many OC students, Monday and Thursday evenings are probably the best nights of the week to fit with the busy schedules of current students.
There is a two to three hour commitment to mix and mingle, but participants may stay as long as they like. One can expect to entertain students from a broad spectrum of the campus community as well as faculty and staff. Without alumni to host dinners, this new program cannot get started.

What kind of support will I receive from the Office for Alumni Relations?
Alumni need only sign up to host a dinner, take care of all the logistics for the meal (i.e., find a location, select a caterer, plan the menu, etc.), and enjoy the evening. The Oklahoma Christian Office for Alumni Relations will take care of the rest – send out the invitations, notify students of the time and location of their dinner, etc.

How do I sign up?
If you are an OC graduate living in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and are interested in hosting a dinner, please complete the form below or contact Corlie Agnew in the Office for Alumni Relations at 405.425.5110 or via email to

Please complete the form below to sign-up to host a "Table for Twelve" dinner!
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