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Submit a Milestone
Share the Milestones in your life here and we'll post them on our website under AlumNews and in the Milestones section of VISION magazine. We also include the most recent Milestones in the AlumNews email that goes out twice each month to all graduates and former students of OC.
To keep everything organized, we've created the following categories for you to use when submitting your Milestone:
Births and Adoptions:
Don't be the only one to hear the pitter patter of little feet. Let the rest of the OC community know when your family gets a "little" addition.
Career Accomplishments:
Does your old boss work for you now? Did you get a new job or a promotion? Did you win an award at work or within your profession? Let us know!
Let the OC community know when one of our own passes away or loses a loved one.
Eagles in the News:
Have you seen an OC graduate in the news recently? Did you make it in the news? We want to know about it! If you see a news article or press release that mentions a graduate of Oklahoma Christian, let us know.
Tie the knot recently? Where did you get married? How did you meet? Where was the honeymoon? Share the sound of your wedding bells with other OC alumni.
Have you relocated to a new city, state, country or planet? Did you receive a civic award? Was something you wrote published? Are you going to prison? If it doesn't fit into the categories above, post it here.

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