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New devotional ignites campus

Friday, September 14, 2007  
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By Ryan Holly

Oklahoma Christian University is home to three weeknight devotionals which impact the campus’ spiritual atmosphere.

“I believe that the most important factor to remember with any devo or Bible study is that you get what you put in to it. When you allow yourself to connect and grow during worship with others, then you can make the most out of these opportunities,” Dean of Students Neil Arter said.

The current devotional line-up consists of View 63 on Monday nights, Fuel on Tuesday nights and Refuge on Thursday. The Thursday night devotional is the longest running devotional on campus. Although all three are available, some students experience greater spiritual growth through continual participation in only one devotional.

“I attend View 63 regularly on Monday nights. I don’t usually go to the devos on Tuesday or Thursday nights because it seems to me that the student run devos aren’t as fulfilling. View 63 is basically a set event of the week for me like church is,” junior Marshall Wade said.

Fuel is the new Tuesday night devotional that will explore topics from the New and Old Testament.

“Fuel’s main goal is passion for God’s name. We take this from Isaiah 43 where it tells the only reason we live is to praise God, and from Matthew 5 where it says we are the salt and light of the world. When you light a candle in a dark room, everyone in that room can see it because it is the brightest element,” sophomore Seth Jacuzzi-Stewart said. “At Fuel, we are fueling people up with the word of God and igniting their faith to not just be candles but bonfires of passion and zeal for God.”

Tuesdays continue to be revolutionized by the weekly addition of Crosswalk, a chapel that strives to nurture the spiritual gifts of Oklahoma Christian women. With attendance as evidence, this chapel is beginning to fill a spiritual void in the lives of Oklahoma Christian women.

“We had girls flowing out the doors of our first Crosswalk. Sadly enough, we ran out of chairs and 17 girls had to sit on the floor. They didn’t complain though. We were so excited about the overwhelmingly positive response to Crosswalk,” senior Jenn Gill said. “We think this is a great opportunity because it provides a great venue for OC students and adult women to use their God-given abilities to lead prayers, speak, and lead songs.“

These opportunities open doors for spiritual enrichment, but they also leave room for the Oklahoma Christian campus community to initiate improvements.

“I think one way we can improve spiritually at OC is to open doors for more international student participation in chapel and in devotionals,” Wade said. “It’s almost like we bring international students here, and we kind of put them in a seat and have them worship the way we worship rather than putting them in front of the crowd and allowing them to share their thoughts with us.”

The leaders of Fuel, Seth Jacuzzi-Stewart, Brent Stafford, Josh Ryder and Cynthia Lewis, hope to spark changes in the spiritual environment of Oklahoma Christian by honoring God’s omnipotence and by ignoring trivial legalities.

“I think everyone goes through highs and lows in their spiritual life. I don’t think one can count on nightly devos to get out of a rut. It’s really about finding your own faith, deciding what you are going to focus your time and energy on while at OC. The times I have grown the most are the times that I have been taken out of my comfort zone and had to rely on God and Him only,” Gill said.

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