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Said I wasn't...?

Friday, September 14, 2007  
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By Jill Ramsey

You have probably heard that title before, and may have already started singing the next line.

“Said I wasn’t going to tell anybody…but I, couldn’t keep it to myself!”

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve sung the words, “I’m satisfied with, just a cottage below, a little silver and a little gold.”

And if you are lucky, you have had the chance to “push [Satan] in the river, and hang him on a line.”

These songs are catchy, but have you thought about the words?

Do you listen to the words that come out of you mouth when you are praising God?

“Said I wasn’t” is one of the songs that makes it to most youth gatherings. Re-read the line and ask yourself, “Why?” Do you have any reasons why you were not going to tell anybody?

Have you ever heard a new Christian say, “There’s no way I am telling people about God, I’m going to keep God all to myself!”

I am sure glad the one Christian that thought this way wrote a song about it. At least they decided to change their mind and will keep telling “what the Lord has done for [them].”

And about my “cottage?” I am willing to admit that I am not satisfied, and you probably aren’t either. It could be better. I am content, but how could I be satisfied when “this world is not my home?”

I recently decided to take every song seriously and personally mean the words I sing.

I dare you to try it. The catch is you can only sing it if you mean it and you believe the lyrics to be Biblically accurate. You cannot sing if you do not understand the lyrics. It might be surprising how often you find yourself quiet.

This summer I hated pushing Satan in the river and hanging him on the line.

The complete lyrics to this song are: “Down by the river, took a little walk, met up with the devil, had a little talk, pushed him in the river, hung him on a line, we can beat the devil, any old time.”

We taught campers that song at Camp Shiloh because it had cool motions. But what does it really mean?

I am sure in our ‘little talk’ Satan tempted me with something bad so that is why I pushed him in the river, but why did I get him out? I don’t consider ‘beating’ the devil leaving him hanging on a line to dry. This song compelled me to want to stop and tell the kids that Jesus beat the devil for us.

At least half of most worship services are spent singing. We need to take a critical look (or listen) to what we are singing to God. Singing can be very powerful, but it can also be an absolute waste.

On the TV series, “Lamb Chop’s Play Along,” Lamb Chop ended each show with “The Song that Never Ends.” This song is widely hated because it repeats the same phrase without ever really saying anything.

Sing along with Lamb Chop, “This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because.”

Why do we praise God this same way? Open your Bible to the book of Psalms and notice how the Psalms say more than “I praise God,” and “Glorify the Lord” over and over again.

The Psalms actually exclaim why God should be glorified. They also have a strong sense of reality with depth and purpose.

We should not choose songs to sing to God for the same reason we listen to rap music: because it ‘sounds cool.’

For those that lead songs, do not lead a song that will silence the auditorium.

Let us sing songs that will able us to truly communicate with God about everything that is in our hearts.

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