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Intramural softball pulls all-nighter

Friday, September 14, 2007  
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By Stefanie Trent

Try fitting three weeks into one night. That’s exactly what Oklahoma Christian University and Intramural Director Rick Judd had to do this year for the intramural softball season.

With construction of the new baseball fields taking place at the old intramural site and new intramural fields not yet finished, the softball season took place in a one night double elimination tournament.

“We were supposed to have the new intramural field ready in time to play this year. But the rain and storms we had at the beginning of the summer put construction so far behind and we were left without any fields on campus,” Judd said.

The tournament began at 7 p.m. last Friday night and lasted until around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. Women’s social service club Gamma Rho won the championship, and Chi Lambda Phi walked away champions on the men’s side.

Once Judd made the decision to have an all-night tournament, he had to scramble to find a place to play.

“Finding a facility that had several lighted fields was a challenge,” Judd said. “The first place I called just laughed at me because they were so far behind because of the weather as well.

“Luckily, Boomtown had an open night and was willing to rent out their facility,” Judd said.

Judd also had to make sure he could properly staff the all night event.

“I also had to find alumni and students that were not going to play in the tournament to referee. Most of the students that usually do that were going to be playing,” Judd said. “The only other things I had to do was put the brackets together and get pizza, snacks, and a few supplies.

“SGA was nice enough to provide funds for pizza and snacks so everyone should have had a good time.”

With the new tournament format, some students were torn between whether they liked playing all night or the normal season.

“I really liked the all night tournament better,” Gamma athletic director Jill Davis said. “The atmosphere was great. There was lots of food and energy, and it was just fun knowing all your closest friends were all out there playing until 3 a.m.

“The only bad thing was when we were playing, all the good boy games were going on too and we did not get to see any of their games.”

Student Jeremy Roberts also said that the conflict of game times took away from an overall exciting night.

“Going into it, I was definitely upset that we were not having the regular season, but looking back, I was surprised that I liked the tournament better,” Roberts said. “But when the stands are not full because there are other games going on, it does take away from it a little bit.”

Other students preferred regular season play completely, rather than the one night event.

“I preferred the season rather than the tournament because of the longer play and the chance to grow sounder as a team as the season went on,” Kappa Sigma Tau Athletic Director Bryson Holley said. “The tournament left no room for new energy, body or mind renewal.

For some of the players in the tournament like Michael Harris, the one night tournament proved to be physically demanding.

“It was very strenuous by the end of the tournament,” Harris said. “I could barely keep my legs from buckling.

“Intramural softball is one of my favorite sports to play during the fall semester, and it was pretty disappointing to find out it would only be held for one night.”

Those opposed to the all night format need not worry. According to Judd, next year the school will go back to a normal schedule for softball.

Photo by Jonathan Cannon

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