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OC AlumNews: Have it Your Way

Monday, September 10, 2007  
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Would you like to receive an instant update any time an OC news story, announcement, or alumni Milestone is posted to the Eagle Connect website?

OC's Office for Alumni Relations is excited to offer two new ways for OC alumni to receive information updates from their alma mater.

Anxious alumni waiting by their computers on the first and fifteenth of each month no longer have to endure two weeks worth of agonizing OC information void in between issues of OC AlumNews. OC AlumNews is now available to you whenever, wherever, and however you want it.

Now, thanks to a new OC AlumNews RSS feed, you can recieve instant real-time updates as new OC alumni news, announcements, and Milestones are posted to the Eagle Connect website. If RSS is not your thing, you can now also subscribe to receive a daily AlumNews update via email as new information is published.

To subscribe to the RSS feed for OC AlumNews, simply copy and paste this web address into your RSS reader:

To sign up to receive daily email updates any time new OC AlumNews articles are posted, click here. This daily email will magically appear in your email inbox each morning between 7 and 9 if there have been any new articles posted to the OC AlumNews blog in the past 24 hours. If no new articles have been posted, there will be no email.

If you're happy to continue receiving your OC news stories, updates, and Milestones the way you've always received them (twice each month via the OC AlumNews email), no problem... all you have to do is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

If you have questions about RSS feeds, don't ask us... read about them here. If you have questions about OC AlumNews or anything else OC-related, please let us know.

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