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Friday, September 7, 2007  
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By Rachel Chisholm

Well, it’s official. I am old. While the beginning of my final semester is exciting, it reveals a much scarier realization; I am almost totally finished with my undergraduate degree, five years older than when I started.

This bitter realization seems to metaphorically laugh in my face when e-mails from the Registrar pour in my inbox reminding me to make an appointment to go over my degree audit to make certain that all that has been expected of me (academically, that is) will be completed by December. I immediately get scared. What if I forgot to take a class? More likely, what if I let a class that is only offered every other spring semester of a leap year get by without me knowing that I needed it when I enrolled the semester before I even declared my major? That would, to say the least, be rather disappointing.

To add to my feelings of old age, my peers point it out as if to joke that “time sure does pass quickly.” Not funny. Example: one of my writing class assignments for the semester requires a serious revision of a previously-graded research paper. I brought mine to class and sat down proudly, somewhat excited to share my paper with my friend sitting next to me. Instead, he mocked me upon seeing the paper’s original date “Wow, 2004 huh? That’s, like, when I graduated high school.” Thank you for that. You know who you are.

Things associated with being old are starting to take over my life. I now drink more coffee than ever, and have become one of those people that need coffee to function properly. Sad. Also, I am much more interested in watching the news before bed in the evenings. My parents would be so proud of me. Wait, no they wouldn’t because they would already have been in bed for some two hours. Which brings me to my next point: Freshman, enjoy the fact that you can stay up all hours of the night with your friends, eat tons of junk food, cram for a history test, and still have time to go to a Kappa A-league football game before restarting the entire cycle. I have concluded that I am not only incapable of staying up that late every night, but also when I do, it sets me back a solid week. Oh, to feel like a freshman again…without the drama of course.

Alas, I suppose it is to be expected that all of us feel somewhat older at the end of our college career. I both fondly and not-so-fondly remember the beginning of it all. I guess I would have to say at this point that I am grateful for my experiences…and even the fact that I feel older.

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