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Lunchroom talk turns to tuition

Friday, September 7, 2007  
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By Special to Opinions
Jenny Gray

As a senior, I have spent hours over the past 3 years wasting time in the caf line. One common topic of conversation that is sure to last until we reach Lois is how much OC is ripping us off in tuition. “Really, OC, $20,000 a year to go to class in a building that does not even meet ADA requirements and saw its best years in the 1970s?” I, myself, have uttered this exact phrase. I was totally onboard with the rest of the ignorant complainers, bad mouthing the elusive “them” who made OC’s financial decisions. Until, I saw the light!

The light came to me last year in the form of Bob Lashley. He bestowed on me some earth-shattering knowledge that I shall now bestow upon you. Get ready to be blown away: the amount we pay as students to OC for tuition does not cover the expenses it costs for OC to operate the way it does now. How does that work, you ask? If the school operated only on the tuition and fees we pay, OC would barely be able to afford to keep the lights on and the buildings cool. Our tuition money doesn’t cover all of the costs of professors and specialized equipment that make our degree and education from OC valuable.

Luckily, OC has a rich history of dedicated alumni who believe in this institution, and communicate that loyalty with financial support and endowments. Alumni cover the one-third of expenses so that students don’t have to pay for it. Their support of OC allows the school to continue to educate us, not only academically, but spiritually as well. Alumni support makes up for the state money that we do not receive, thus allowing us to pray in class, attend chapel, and rely on Christian professors and mentors. School teachers, missionaries, dentists, stay-at-home moms, pulpit ministers, and electrical engineers all make sacrifices in their personal budgets, so that thousands of students can also get the experience of a Christian education. These alumni sacrifice so that you and I can afford to attend this school.

So, the next time the lunch line is taking forever and you need a topic of conversation, think twice about complaining about how much OC costs because someone else has worked hard for you to be in that line.

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