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1982 - Kent Thomas King

Monday, May 12, 2008  
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Oklahoma Christian University is proud to feature Kent Thomas King, M.D. in the Alumni Spotlights section of AlumNews. Kent graduated OC in 1982 and is currently trying to be the best, "Christian, Husband, Father, and Doctor - in that order" that he can be.

Degree(s)? Doctorate, OU College of Medicine, Bachelor of Science, OC

Major? Biology Chemistry

What are you most known for? Working with abandoned children in Nicaragua; Starting a free clinic in Duncan, OK; Bringing sick children to Oklahoma for life-saving treatment.

What is your true calling? Helping people as a christian physician, physically, mentally and spiritually.

How'd you find this calling? While on a summer campaign with Ralph and Gladys Burcham in Germany. And reading the book, "The Four Realities" by Jim Woodruff.

What is your biggest personal or professional achievement so far? Raising 4 wonderful children and starting an orphanage. Marrying the best Christian wife in the world while at OC in 1980 , Abby Lynn Hartsell from Yukon.

What is your proudest moment? Raising 4 wonderful children and starting an orphanage in Nicaragua. I currently have 46 grandchildren there that call me "Abuelito King".

What is the biggest professional or personal hurdle that you've overcome? Heart bypass surgery. My heart was broken and God fixed it. Now I can love like never before.

What is something people should know about you that is not on your résumé? I'm a closet Visual Foxpro computer programmer. My son-in-law is Raymond Mobley of the Clash of the Choirs fame. He's an incredible singer and an even more incredible son-in-law.

Life's motto? Be like Christ, Love like Christ and Forgive like Christ. Don't expect anything from anybody. God's love is all you need. Stay humble. And when you mess up, admit it. Ask for forgiveness and move on. Be real. Christ is.

Your inspiration? FIrst, Jesus Christ, the Great Physician. He changed the entire world and gave us the perfect philosophy to inspire us to make things better for others... and it can be very addictive. Second, Elvin and Carol King. They are the most important reflections of Christ in my life. Thank you God for giving them to me as Christian parents.

Teamwork or fly solo? Teamwork with God, definitely! When you find something great that you know God wants you to accomplish, but you realize you can't do it alone, just get it started. God will get it done. Never do anything without God. Get started then hold on for the ride of your life!

How do you plan to self improve? Become phsyically healthier through a better lifestyle and spiritually healthier through a greater reliance on God.

What advice do you have for future generations? For God's sake, help make this a better world... get with God, make a plan and get to work now!

Describe yourself in 3 words? busy, compassionate, unsatisfied

Causes you support? Los Ninos Del Rey (aka "The Children of the King"), a foundation in Nicaragua that supports an orphaage for abandoned children in Nicaragua, medical missions and local preachers spreading the Gospel of Christ

How do you spend your down time? Listening to smooth jazz, computer programming and chilling out at the lake.

Passions and diversions? Working on the webpage: trying to improve the health of our great state, Oklahoma. Listening to smooth jazz on XM 71, Watercolors

Stress relievers? Riding my motorcycle in the evenings Listening to the Bible on my MP3 player.

What's next for you? 1. Raising more money to help more children and spread the gospel in my second homeland, Nicaragua. 2. Being President of the Oklahoma State Medical Association in 2009.

What are you working toward? 1. That our foundation, The Children of the King, will be fully funded to provide a Christian Home to ANY child that needs one in Nicaragua, and, 2. To retire someday and be a self-supportted medical missionary full-time in Nicaragua.

How will you make your mark? If my children, and their children... and their children and so on... make it to Heaven, then I'll be happy. But if they all make it, it will be because of the mark of Christ, not me. 

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