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1992 - Jennifer (Winton) Edmunson

Monday, May 12, 2008   (0 Comments)
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Oklahoma Christian University is proud to feature Jennifer (Winton) Edmunson in the Alumni Spotlights section of AlumNews. Jennifer graduated OC in 1992 and is currently a full-time mom and owner/operator of the online retail shop,

Degree(s)? Bachelor of Arts

Major? History

What are you most known for? I am not sure I want to know ;) John says its my sparkling personality and quick wit :)

What is your true calling? Right now its my family - being there for them and giving them the best start I can. "True Calling"....Personally, its being where I am supposed to be at that moment, being thankful in that moment and being ready to move on to be needed some place else.

How'd you find this calling? Taking to heart that happiness is a choice and I am the only one that can give me this gift. Trying to learn to be thankful in all things - just saying "Thank You" adjusts the heart and the attitude.

What is your biggest personal or professional achievement so far? Yet to be determined....

What is your proudest moment? Marrying my husband, birthing my children, watching my husband baptize our oldest, seeing my parents with their grandchildren, watching my husband start his company, my current business

What is the biggest professional or personal hurdle that you've overcome? The feeling that if I chose to stay home I was some how wasting talents or my education. Feminism was supposed to be about "freedom" - It seems to have been turned into HAVING to work. It should give me the freedom to choose for myself the path that works best for me and my family and giving the woman next to me the same freedom to choose a different path than mine.

What is something people should know about you that is not on your resumé? Since its been 15 years since I had one..... Pre-school French teacher for a couple of years. E-retailer (sold business) E-retailer - current business.

Life's motto? Go big or go home ;) God, Family, Country Loyalty above all else, except honor

Your inspiration? Thomas Jefferson; Joel Salatin - google him....

Teamwork or fly solo? Solo. I am trying to learn how to be a team player... but its tough - just let me do it!!

If you woke up tomorrow and had to start a new career, what would it be? I have no idea - things have always come and gone when the time was right. I guess I would say goodbye and wait for something that felt right to come along.

How do you plan to self improve? Have those that love me hold me accountable for things I want to change. Be honest with myself about whats important and whats just vanity ;)

What advice do you have for future generations? Trust your gut and don't second guess it. If something seems daunting - play the "whats the worst that can happen" game - most of the time when you play it all the way through, things just aren't as scary. The answer "NO" isn't that big of a deal.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Fun, Honest, Laugh

Causes you support? Christian Services of Oklahoma; Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge; OCWA

How do you spend your down time? Reading, campering, playing outside, shopping, cooking, eating/drinking

Passions and diversions? See above and sitting in Starbucks with my sister in law - lunch with a dear girl friend - weekend trip with my mom

Stress relievers? I laugh. My husband, John is funny and we laugh a lot. I enjoy a good meal with family and friends.

What's next for you? Sustainable farm life. Gardening. Marketing a farm. Maybe even teach history... maybe foster little ones for Childrens Services... maybe even culinary school and a small restaurant... who knows? I am always amazed at what comes next for me in life. I wonder what I will be when I grow up!

What are you working toward? Heaven

How will you make your mark? I will leave exceptional children with a passion for Christ, for those around them, for their community. I will leave children who believe in personal responsibility towards each other and those around them.

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