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2007 - Brady Shumate

Monday, May 5, 2008   (0 Comments)
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Oklahoma Christian University is proud to feature Brady Shumate in the Alumni Spotlights section of AlumNews. Brady graduated OC in 2007 and is currently a Production Support Engineer with Cessna Aircraft Company.

What advice would you give to current or prospective students? Live it up! College is a time where there are so many opportunities to make memories that you’ll never forget. Never again will you have so many potential friends, that are your age, in one place. Go ahead and try to do it all. Just let loose and have fun and live so that you have no regrets. But at the same time, your time in college determines many aspects of the rest of your life. So make sure you take the academics seriously too. If you teach yourself to be disciplined now, you can reap the benefits the rest of your life. But most of all, take advantage of the spiritual aspects of OC. I grew spiritually in ways that I never imagined when I got involved. There are so many devos, bible studies, and service activities available that it’s easy to find something you’ll really enjoy. Get involved and you’ll be surprised with the results.
What was the most important thing you learned while attending Oklahoma Christian University? I learned that success isn’t measured in dollars or social status, but in how many lives you touch and how you represent Christ. There is so much more to life than the world lets you believe. If you live the way God begs you to, life becomes deeper and more meaningful than you ever thought possible. I’ve also learned that the joys of life most often come through the little things. When we take the time to slow down and look around, it is evident that God’s blessings to us are countless. My time at OC taught me how to value the blessings that God has given me and how to share them with others.
What is your passion in life? People. All of the best times in my life have been made with friends and even people I didn’t really know. If you give everybody a chance, you’ll be very surprised who turns out to be your new best friend. It’s usually the person you least expected. When you love people, life turns into a big adventure and it’s always fun looking back on it all.
What is your favorite memory from or favorite thing about OC? It’s hard to top things like building a wall of snow in front of your friend’s suite door, getting your towel stolen when the fire alarm goes off while you’re taking a shower, indoor slip-n-slides in the old dorms, and doing donuts in the Memorial Rd. parking lot for hours when it would ice over. I had a lot of fun at OC, but I think the best memory from my time there was a house church that met in our apartment my junior year. It all started when my roommate had a few people over one night. They prayed and talked and worshipped, and everybody loved it. The next week the number of people doubled, and then the same thing happened the next week and the next week, until our little two bedroom apartment was filled with 80+ people! It was crazy! Everybody heard about it and wanted to come by and check it out. Even the fire marshal heard about it, but he wasn’t too crazy about it (or at least that’s what the apartment director told us). But it was an incredible thing that happened. I’ve never seen such a weird mix of people turn into such great friends. It was a family really. I witnessed God work in a way that I had never imagined and looking back it still blows my mind. I really hope that I get to experience something like that again in my lifetime.
What advice would you share with a soon to be graduate of OC about "the real world"? The real world can be a shock at first, but don’t let it get you down. It’s really a lot of fun. Yeah, bills stink and you can’t skip work like you can skip class, but if you have the right outlook it can be a blast. Make sure you stay active. It’s so easy to get home from work and watch TV the rest of the day, but don’t do it! Make some friends, start some hobbies, and just try to have fun. Just because you graduated doesn’t mean you have to grow up. 

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