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1993 - Shannon Thompson

Tuesday, April 22, 2008   (0 Comments)
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The following profile was published in the "Forty Under 40" section of Oklahoma Magazine about OC alumna, Shannon Thompson:

Shannon Thompson
Fairview Elementary, Moore Schools

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Education: B.A., elementary education, Oklahoma Christian University; M.A., elementary administration, University of Central Oklahoma


Most known for: I am most known for my positive and upbeat attitude, which I try to maintain in every situation.

Your true calling: I believe that my true calling is working with all types of children to ensure their safety, education, and overall well-being.

What brought you to this calling? My mother was a teacher and administrator and it has been what I wanted to since grade school.  I feel like God has opened many doors that have enabled me to fulfill my calling.

Biggest achievement: My biggest achievement is being a wife to my husband, Ken, and a mother to my two young daughters, Faith and Hope.

Proudest moment: My proudest moments are those involving my personal children and their accomplishments.  I also beam with pride when former students contact me with success stories of their own!

Biggest hurdle you’ve overcome: Invoking change through positive and trusting relationships and creating a shared vision of positive school climate and student achievement, which resulted in raised test scores from an API of 1172 to 1410 in two years.

Something people should know about you that isn’t on your resume: My husband used to own an auto repossession company and I was known for a few years as “the repo chick.”

Life’s motto: You make your own weather!  In other words, don’t let other people or events control your mind set, emotions or attitudes.

Your inspiration: My inspirations change as my time of life evolves and unfolds into new directions.

Prefer teamwork or flying solo? In education, you accomplish more and work much more efficiently when collaborating with a team.

Art person or business person: I have NO creative abilities.  I am defiantly a business person.

If you burned out tomorrow, what would you do? I would probably apply to law school.

Ways you plan to self-improve: I enjoy attending conferences that have to do with school leadership and learning styles.  I try to take advantage of as many professional development opportunities as possible and plan on continuing to be a part of professional organizations. 

Advice for the next generation:  Always look at trails in life as new learning opportunities.  Try to maintain balance in your life as you juggle family, church, self, career and civic responsibilities. 

Yourself, in three words:  Personable, balanced and reflective.


Charity/volunteer work: I volunteer on a limited basis at my church and children’s school.  I would love to find time to do more active in an outside charitable group.

How you spend downtime: Most of my time is spent with my family and participating in all my daughters’ activities.  I do enjoy baking and reading when I find a few moments to myself.  I try to meet with groups of friends who are also mothers at least once a month for “sanity” time.

Passions and diversions: My passions are children, learning and spending time with my family.

Stress relievers: Time to myself for reflection and meditation.


What’s next?  I will eventually begin to work on a Ph.D.  However, career-wise, I am very content continuing to lead Fairview Elementary to bigger and better things! 

What you’re working for:  I want to be a positive role model for my personal children and the children I work with each day.

How you’ll make your mark:  I hope that when the thousands of children I have been responsible for throughout the years think back on me they will smile knowing I loved them and always had their best interests in mind with each decision I made.  I want them to remember me smiling, laughing, and living a full life.

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