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Robison to lead women's soccer team

Monday, April 7, 2008  
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By Chad Hartwell

In their last two seasons the Lady Eagle's soccer team has amassed 24 victories in 40 games. Next season they will try to continue their success under new direction.

In January, Randall Robison took over as the new Lady Eagles head soccer coach. Robison comes to Oklahoma Christian University from Westmore High School where he served as head coach for six years.

Prior to coaching at Westmore, Robison spent time assisting with women's soccer at the collegiate level at the University of Oklahoma, Oral Roberts University and East Central University (Okla.).

"This is my first time as a collegiate head coach and I am so excited to be at Oklahoma Christian," Robison said.

"I wanted to get back into the college game. I had a great time at OU and East Central and really like the college game. To be at Oklahoma Christian is a double bonus."

Robison grew up as a member of the Church of Christ and had always kept an eye on Oklahoma Christian.

"I don't want to sound like a shark, but I saw the position the very first day it was opened, "Robison said.

Robison has been with the university for over a month and has found Oklahoma Christian to be a great place. Robison hopes to raise the bar for the women's team and take them to a higher level.

"I know the abilities are there," Robison said. "I want to raise the bar where the girls expect more of themselves every day. I want to change the mentality to having a high level of expectation for themselves."

The Lady Eagles seem pleased to have Robison as their new coach.

"I like coach Rob," sophomore Kendra Nummy said. "He seems laid back and very approachable. I think he can do great things."

The players also like the direction Robison has taken the team.

"From fundraising to tournaments, he has worked out a lot of things that will help the entire soccer program as a whole," sophomore Jessica Ortman said.

Robison currently plans to evaluate the team before deciding what changes need to be made as practices continue.

"I know the girls are very excited and I am almost giddy to get to hit the field," Robison said.

The Lady Eagles confirmed that they are ready to hit the fields and start their first practices.

"We have not really had a chance to see his coaching style yet, but I think that we will be open to all the adjustments he wants to make," junior Lisa Jorgensen said. "We are a pretty easy going group of girls who just enjoy playing soccer and want what is best for the team."

The Lady Eagles believe they adapt easily to change and will have no problems adjusting to the new coach.

"You can't judge a coach until games start and the stress starts to build up," Ortman said. "However, I have heard that he is really into fitness. So that should be fun."

Robison intends to give the Lady Eagles a year long program. He hopes that they can get back to the national tournament.

"One little saying I've got is, 'being good is not good enough when better is expected,'" Robison said. "I hope to get the girls to practice and realize we can settle for being good, but if better is expected, then good is not good enough."

The players also have expectations concerning the future of the soccer team.

"I would like to see more people attending the women's soccer games," Ortman said. "I don't know how he plans on doing that but I have a feeling he is working to raise money and make the fields a better place for fans to be."

They also hope the new coach will bring the women's program to a new level.

"I hope he will help propel us to the next level of competing for championships at both the conference level and national level," Jorgensen said.

Robison and the Lady Eagles both seem ready to do whatever it takes to raise the standard of the team and help it grow as a team on and off of the field.

"I think he will come in here and light a fire under us and get back to where we need to be and very possibly make us greater than we think," Nummy said.

Jorgenson thinks Robison will provide them a fresh look at things after their disappointing season last year.

"It will be good to see all the players competing for playing time and no one thinking that they have a spot secure," Jorgenson said.

Setting goals will happen once Robison has the players involved.

"I haven't set down and put down any goals," Robison said. "The players have to be involved in that and take ownership of it. I want to let them learn about me and visa versa."

Robison has no worries about the commitment of this team and believes the future looks bright.

"Convincing them to do hard work is the easiest job I have," Robison said. "I see no reason why Oklahoma Christian is not one of the top 3 programs in the SAC every year."

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