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Clubs 'Debut' shows for Spring Visit

Friday, February 29, 2008  
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By Kimberlee Rhodes

As Spring Sing approaches, club directors are anticipating the show and the excitement of the audience. All the club directors are looking forward to putting on a great show.

Carly Conklin, director of Iota Kappa Phi Spring Sing, is really excited about this year.

"I think the show will turn out great," Conklin said. "We couldn't have asked for a better group of girls for our first show."

Michael Wright, director of Alpha Gamma Omega, is expecting to step it up this year.

"These guys have improved at such an amazing speed," Wright said. "I'm excited to see them on show night."

With multiple performances approaching, some directors are a little apprehensive.

"I have mixed feelings about the show since I came up with the theme," Josh Rose, director of Delta Gamma Sigma, said. "The effort and pride the guys have given these past few days have really made me believe in the show and I'm certain people will enjoy it."

Ryan Prugh, one of Chi Lambda Phi's directors, is confident in their performance.

"I think our show will be a typical Chi show," Prugh said. "We have a lot of new guys this year so we had to work extra hard, but it's coming around."

Prugh thinks that with all of the Chi's hard work, their show will pull together nicely.

"These last two weeks are the weeks everything comes together anyway," Prugh said. "We're right on schedule."

Even with the excitement of getting ready for Spring Sing, there are certainly challenges in every show. Alex Vogt, one of Gamma Rho's directors, explained that her club shares a common setback.  

"It's always hard to find times to practice," Vogt said. "There's so much going on with night classes, intramurals and school, and it seems like everyone has been sick at one point."

Holly Delasandro, one of Lambda Chi Zeta's directors, shares the problem of scheduling.

"With everyone being so busy, it is difficult to get everyone at the same practice," Delasandro said. "This has given the girls some challenge this year, but they are doing a great job with overcoming it."

Freshman director Meagan Branch has a difficulty not many other clubs face. With 106 people in the freshman show, it poses a space and noise level challenge. "We have a lot of people; let's just say we have to adjust our voices to a new yelling power for all to hear," Branch said.

Adam Barnes, a director of Chi's show, shared the club's unique difficulty: consistency.

"As a director, I like to make changes within the show," Barnes said. "One practice, we'll teach them one thing and the very next practice we'll change it."

Despite several changes to Chi's show, Barnes said there have been minimal complaints. While Spring Sing brings stress and challenges, it also helps build club unity.

"Building up to Spring Sing, our club always gets closer," Delasandro said. "Building stronger relationships is something that we always consider a favorite time as a club."

Despite endless hours of practice, several club directors said these moments are their favorite times.

"The favorite times are lock-ins and the moments before we go on stage," Prugh said. "Those are times that people never forget whenever they are a part of a Chi show."

With every club having so much potential, each has its own advantage. Wright thinks Alpha has a unique advantage over other clubs this year.

"I think our greatest advantage is our use of duct tape," Wright said. "We probably have more duct tape in our show than any previous Alpha show."

Conklin is hoping to give a performance no one is expecting.

"This is my first year doing Spring Sing period," Conklin said. "I don't know if people are really expecting much out of us but we really hope to surprise people."

One of Pi Zeta Phi's directors Megan Taylor also hopes to give the audience an unexpected performance.

"Our show has a couple of surprises that we're really excited about," Taylor said. "You'll just have to wait and see."

Sigma Chi Sigma's director Timothy Dubose shared a secret from Sigma's show.

"I really shouldn't be saying this, but we have a secret signature move," Dubose said. "It's called 'Making the Bread.'"

Sometimes, simply being with fellow club members can be the best times during the Spring Sing season. Ambia Cail, director of Theta Theta Theta's show, enjoys being with her fellow Theta members.

"One of the biggest reasons we're a close-knit group is because of Spring Sing," Cail said.

Taylor loves to watch the other clubs perform their unique shows.

"We all love club night," Taylor said. "It's a night when our practice pays off, and we get to see everyone else's hard work in their shows."

Iota Spring Sing director Carla Cogburn enjoyed time with her fellow Iota members between practices.

"This has definitely been such a growing experience for our club," Cogburn said. "We have all become much better friends."

Erwin said Kappa enjoys the pre-performance excitement.

"It's a fun time of fellowship and craziness," Erwin said. "Spring Sing is just a great time to hang out with everyone and have a great time."

Quality time with club members and friends can certainly create memorable moments. Vogt shared a memorable moment between Gamma and their former holding room partner, Kappa.

"One time, Kappa threw a bag of Skittles on stage and no one caught it," Vogt said. "It burst all over Hardeman, so they helped us clean it up and at our next practice, gave us a broom."

Vogt also enjoys witnessing the fruits of her labor.

"Stepping back and watching Gamma do the show and seeing how all mine and the clubs hard work is paying off is great," Vogt said.

After weeks of hard work and discipline this years Spring Sing will be filled with energy and excitement. The club directors all look forward to seeing the members hard work pay off. 

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