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Get Educated: about unsung blessings.

Friday, February 29, 2008  
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By Jed Lovejoy

Spring visit weekend. A time when professors are exasperated, students are battered, broken and tired and high school students roam the campus. It really is an exciting week with all the events and activities leading up to Spring Sing.

So, in honor of this grand weekend I would like to say a few things about the university. Don't worry, I won't say anything embarrassing.

I know many of us love to complain about student account charges, how we are stuck here with no way to get out - lest we suffer many more years of college elsewhere - or about the meal choices in the cafeteria. However, I don't think I can imagine going to a university that cares more about its students.

We have all witnessed the outpouring of support for various people through the prayer e-mails. We have been a part of multiple chapel services and other campus events aimed at raising awareness about Africa. The list could continue as I look back on all the special events that have taken place since I have been in school.

These aren't just superficial things so the university can check them off its list; they are heartfelt efforts at helping those in our community and around the world.

I know the university seems to endorse a fairly strict set of rules for personal conduct, but they are established out of love for the students and out of a desire to bring the students closer to Christ.

Recently, I even found out why little freshman parking exists except near the dorms. No, it isn't that they love to see freshmen suffer as they walk from Fails Hall or Gunn Henderson all the way to HBC. The administration and the health department actually hope to promote walking and biking so students will stay healthier as they adjust to college life.

There are many events I could use to show the university's kindness to students, but I think it is best shown through people who aren't students on our campus. For the purpose of anonymity, let's call this student Pat.

Last semester Pat went to another university in the OKC Metro area and ended up in a bad rooming situation. After explaining the situation to OC housing, they allowed Pat to move onto campus. Pat was very impressed with the university and the kindness of everyone who helped fix the situation. Thanks to the caring, understanding attitude of many people on campus, Pat now attends our university.

These services of love are present in the entire OC faculty and staff and it is for that reason that I love this university.

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