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Students lead in simulation

Tuesday, February 26, 2008  
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By Aaron Askew

Three students from Oklahoma Christian University's business department ranked in the top 100 in the world in the business strategy game.

Amanda Hillman, Derek Spies and Roxanne Maloy participated in this simulation for business students to work together to run a company and prepare themselves for their future professions. There are currently over 1,200 teams around the world playing.

"The business strategy game is a simulation game where a team of managers run a tennis shoe company.  Every week, we have to make a set of decisions based on how we want to make, market and sell our shoes," Maloy said. "This game is intended to bring together all areas of business: marketing, management and finance.  Each week represents a year in the business world. Different factors like shipping, exchange rates and inflation also come into play."

Spies, a senior business management major, really enjoyed the game that can help anyone getting a feel for managing a global market.

"It is fun, user friendly and challenging.  I have heard that past business strategy games were limited in options for making decisions.  The latest business strategy game has many more features and options making the game more realistic and challenging," Spies said.

Maloy said at first the game seemed somewhat daunting and a little difficult to figure out.

"It's really easy because we kind of have a game plan set up that works for us. It's fun competing against other people, but it was definitely hard at first," Maloy said.

The three team members meet on different occasions to discuss their business plans.

"We, as a team, usually meet every Monday to make decisions for the following year.  Each year's decisions are due by Wednesday, and the results are posted Thursday.  After we discuss our decisions for the following year, Roxanne makes the changes, and then, we all record our decisions in a journal. Keeping a journal keeps an accurate account of our decisions," Spies said.

Each student found different strengths and weaknesses of the game.

"The game is pretty tricky, and it definitely requires a lot of outside advice and playing with the numbers. When we first started the game, we just entered random numbers to see how it affected our scores and then started to figure out a method to the madness," Hillman said. "What's cool is that each of us has a different major so we have something different to bring to the table. Jody selected us this way for that exact reason."

Assistant Professor of Business Jody Jones is the instructor for the game and all three students said he was a great guide.

"He is a very wise man who is down to earth and nurturing to his students. He gives good advice regarding the game and is a great person to talk to anytime," Hillman said.

Maloy said Jones was a great instructor and really fun to have in class. She also enjoyed working with her partners.

"The three of us all work together really well, and we don't really have any problems," Maloy said.

Spies said the business strategy game gave him a chance to see what it would be like to operate a global company against real global competition.

"I think it is a good capstone class that allows you to use all you have learned," Spies said.  

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