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Father, daughter direct Spring Sing

Tuesday, February 26, 2008  
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Father, daughter direct Spring Sing By Jacey Jacobs Choreography and lyrics are not typical activities shared by a father and his daughter, but Al and Meagan Branch share the memories of just that through directing their respective peers in Spring Sing as freshmen. Al, Oklahoma Christian University's Executive Vice President, directed Delta Gamma Sigma's Spring Sing show his freshman year and Meagan is the freshman director this year. "We did Elton John, John Lennon, Blues Brothers and John Travolta's 'Staying Alive.' It was really funny," Al said. "[It was] a little irreverent, and we came in last place, so Meagan can easily beat my freshman experience." The experience of directing was always something of interest to Al. "I love the creative aspect of it and deep down I love the lyrics and creating the show and developing the theme the most," Al said. "I have always enjoyed directing things—the lights, the sound and when it all comes together." For Meagan however, directing was not something she planned on doing for a while. She never thought she would be in charge of telling 100 people what to do and teaching choreography. "In high school productions, I was always the one who was 'in the group'. I was always afraid to speak my mind about certain things," Meagan said. Meagan never knew she was capable of doing something like directing part of a Spring Sing show. College has allowed her to step out and finally prove what she is capable of doing. The idea of directing Spring Sing came to her last summer on a senior trip when her close girl friends started talking about what they wanted to be involved in at Oklahoma Christian. Meagan began looking for a co-director and a friend recommended that she work with Jake Thurman. "We are a great team. God has blessed us so much, and we balance each other out so well," Meagan said. "It's been really, really good." Together, Meagan and Thurman came up with the cyclist theme for their show. "I was sitting in psychology, and I started singing the song 'Bicycle' by Queen. There are a ton of different things you can do with that, and Lance Armstrong is big part of the show," Meagan said. "We came up with songs, costume ideas and cool stuff to do on stage." Meagan says the theme is random, but it will be cool when people see it. Al said Meagan has great support and has done well on her own, without his help. "I wasn't sure how the cyclist theme would work out, but Meagan stuck to her guns," Al said. "It will be a great show." Directing Spring Sing has proved to be a great experience for Meagan so far. "I guess I had it in me all along, and I have no doubt that I am just now showing traits that I have possessed from my father," Meagan said. "My mom always tells me that we are alike in this area, especially lyrically. We both enjoy writing poems and just coming up with goofy, rhyming lines." Spring Sing is not just a well-loved show for both alumni and students alike, but it also teaches valuable life lessons. "Spring Sing helps with skill in teamwork, communication, friendships and leadership," Al said. "It's a fun sense of accomplishment and a great tradition." Last year's freshmen Spring Sing director, Hailey Waugh, agrees. "It definitely taught me patience and how to be a leader as well as how to deal with a large group of people and keep them under control," Waugh said. For Meagan, Spring Sing has become a significant part of her college experience. "I want to be involved as much as I can," Meagan said. "My dad has always been very proud of [Spring Sing], and that is one of the reasons that I wanted to be a part of it."

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