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Harvey interns at Luther congregation

Tuesday, February 12, 2008  
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By Katie Halstead

There are many opportunities for people to help others within the Luther Church of Christ. Sophomore ministry major Jason Harvey has stepped up and now has a preaching and youth ministry internship at the Luther congregation.

He first heard of the Luther congregation from a good friend of his, senior Brandon DeLano who lead singing for the congregation and invited Harvey along one Sunday.

"My first day out there, the preacher came up to me and gave me some opportunities to get involved and start doing active things with the church," Harvey said.  "They are a small church and don't have as many people ready to help serve or speak, so that's where I was able to come in."

He started going to the congregation about two years ago and is still attending regularly on Sundays, preaching three or four times a semester.

"It's good for the preacher Chris Hill because he could use a night off every now and then," Harvey said.

Harvey not only preaches at the congregation, but also is very involved with the youth.  Senior Alan Middleton also helps out with the youth at the congregation.

"I started going with Jason last semester, and now I teach the teen's class every Sunday," Middleton said.

The two guys have become very involved in putting together events for the teens at Luther.  The teens are very special to the Luther congregation.  Most of them come in on their own with no parents.

"It's been very humbling to be able to see the background that these kids have," Middleton said.  "To be able to give back to them is one of the best experiences ever."

Right now, Harvey, Middleton and others are trying to work with Oklahoma Christian University to get a children's camp like Camp Impact to let the kids from the Luther congregation attend for free.

So far, the university has been very helpful and said they would love to help.

Middleton and Harvey have also managed to get the teens about 15 free Spring Sing tickets, and since most of the students who help out at Luther are in Spring Sing, it should be a good treat for them.

Harvey and Middleton join together with about 10 to 15 other people and carpool to Luther every Sunday.  It's about 16 miles away, but it is well worth it.

Ruby Stahl, a woman from the church, takes good care of them for coming out and helping.

"She makes us all lunch and lets us hang out at her house all day until the church service at night," Middleton said. "She's a really amazing woman."

Stahl also is the head of the service center for the church.  It distributes food, clothing, appliances and other things families in need would benefit from.

Harvey is an active member of the social service club Alpha Gamma Omega.  He plays intramural sports for his club and is also in Spring Sing, which takes a lot of time out of the day for practicing.

Harvey is also the field director for Wishing Well. Harvey hasn't always known he wanted to be a preacher, but his experiences with the Luther congregation have helped guide his path. The Luther congregation is thankful for all the time and effort he has put into their church.  

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