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Rebuttal to "Students Question Club Equality"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008  
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By Justin Neill

In the recent article "Students question club equality," it was suggested that members of "certain clubs," Chi Lambda Phi and Gamma Rho, receive special privileges based on being in those clubs.  And I don't know that that is true.

The members of these clubs are active members of the student body and SGA, seeking to improve our school.  They are the type of students that we want leading our school.  We as a student body vote for them and employees of the school hire these types of students for their reputations as hard workers.

I talked with Amy Kelly about the process of choosing the Earn Your Wings staff members and hub group leaders.

Amy assured me that the Student Life Office does not take into consideration what club you are in, but how active you are in school and what you can bring to the table when working with Earn Your Wings.

The article stated that 17 out of 20 of the SGA officers were either members of Chi or Gamma, but it failed to mention that some of these officers ran unopposed. Ryan Smith,

Executive President, and Adam Barnes, Executive Secretary ran unopposed even for two very important offices.

And let us not forget that Luke Panter, member of Chi, ran against Butch Martin, now executive vice-president, and was defeated.

I asked Colby Simonds, SGA's Treasurer, if he felt like being a member of Chi had anything to do with his position in SGA.

"I've been in SGA longer than I have been in Chi," Simonds said.

I feel that students who are interested in the same things will join the same clubs and are active in similar on-campus activities.

As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together." These students are not in these positions based on what club they are in, but are a part of the same activities because that is what interests them.

The questioning of "equal opportunity" may lead SGA to accept those less qualified so that people in other clubs can be active.

If you want to be chosen as someone who can provide a service to the school, show that you are qualified by being an active part of the student body first.  Then be willing to put yourself out there and apply for office.  

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