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Lynn chosen to lead national golf team

Friday, January 18, 2008  
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By Chad Hartwell

Oklahoma Christian University golf coach David Lynn has been selected to lead the United States golf team at the World Games in Sun City, South Africa.

The NAIA Men’s Golf Coaches Association determines the selection of the coach for this event. The association receives nominations and then votes on the nominees.

Lynn feels many emotions about this appointment, but mostly he is excited to take on the challenge. He feels his years of service and hard work really paid off.

“In my opinion, the highest honor that a coach can achieve is to be chosen to represent your country,” Lynn said. “I am very flattered that my fellow golf coaches chose me for this position.”

Senior golfer Bruno Buccolo feels happy for Lynn and the opportunity this offers him.

“It shows that every other coach in the NAIA has a lot of respect and appreciation for the work he is doing at Oklahoma Christian,” Buccolo said. “Although, he has not won any national titles yet, he has positioned Oklahoma Christian at the top level of NAIA and is competitive with the top 50 schools of NCAA Division I.”

Athletic Director DeWayne Hall feels proud of Lynn and believes this is a tremendous honor for both Lynn and Oklahoma Christian.

“Lynn has helped make Oklahoma Christian one of the elite golf programs in the nation,” Hall said. “His year-in, year-out success shows his ability to recognize and develop talent and his ability to get his golfers to play at a consistently high level.”

Lynn’s responsibilities as coach of the United States golf team include choosing the players, making travel arrangements and finding all the uniforms and equipment necessary for the team to compete.

“It will involve some additional time in regards to my normal everyday routine, but you won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face as I do all the necessary preparation,” Lynn said.

The first two players selected by Lynn consist of two of the top three returning NAIA All-Americans from 2006-2007. Drew Chuipek of St Ambrose University (La.), a two-time All-American and Jarod Tramell of Berry College (Ga.), a returning second team All-American.

“The third player is Sam Cyr of Pt. Loma Nazarene University (Calif.),” Lynn said. “Sam is a two time first team All-American and has finished in the top five at nationals as a freshman and sophomore. He is the best American born player in the NAIA.”

Lynn would like to pick one of Oklahoma Christian’s players to play in this event, and an outside possibility exists that this might still happen. If the junior colleges can’t field all three players then Lynn may invite one of his players to join the team.

“It is my job to field the best team possible based on actual tournament play,” Lynn said. “We don’t have any returning American born All-Americans in our line-up currently, but I hope that we have one this year in 2007-2008.”

Buccolo believes that the players selected by Lynn will enjoy him as a coach and have a great time playing for him.

“He does his job very well,” Buccolo said. “He tries to improve every player’s game as much as he can. He is a great person that cares for his players and how they are doing on and off the golf course.”

Other coaches from Oklahoma Christian have served at the national level, but Lynn’s selection makes him the first Oklahoma Christian golf coach to lead a national team.

“Though the quality of our golf program is well-known,” Hall said. “Coach Lynn’s opportunity to lead the national team will definitely enhance Oklahoma Christian’s reputation both nationally and internationally.”

Buccolo believes this opportunity can be used by Lynn to show his excellent coaching abilities and to recruit for Oklahoma Christian’s future golf teams.

“Knowing him, he is not taking this just as a vacation trip,” Buccolo said. “He will be looking for other players and trying to recruit the best players playing in the tournament.”

This will be the first event coached by Lynn outside the United States with players that do not play for Oklahoma Christian.

“I am really looking forward to the challenges this opportunity will provide, and it will be different in many ways,” Lynn said. “But we are still playing golf and the hole will be the same size as it is everywhere else.”

Photo by Steven Christy

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