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Students let it all grow out

Friday, November 30, 2007  
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By Kimberlee Rhodes

Oklahoma Christian University’s Student Government Association kicked off the second annual “No-Shave November” this month. The competition began Thursday, Nov. 1 and ended yesterday during the men’s basketball game. 

The contest was open to both male and female members of the student body.

“I heard about it last year from some of my guy friends,” Dusti Garrison, a female contestant, said. “I didn’t know girls could do it.”

Garrison was one of only six female participants in the contest. Male competitors are forbidden to shave their faces the entire month, while female competitors are forbidden to shave their legs for the month.

Last year’s winner, Cody Woodward, decided to take a break from the contest this year.

“I am not competing this year due to the discomfort of growing a disgusting beard,” Woodward said. “The only thing I really enjoyed about winning was getting the prize: one hundred dollars.”

This year, the competition was a bit different. Unlike last year, there were several categories dedicated to each gender. The beard-growing categories were Scruffy Beard, Well-Kept Beard, Free-Style Beard, Longest Beard and New Beard.

The leg hair-growing categories included Longest Leg Hair, Most Leg Hair and Best Coverage.

Competitors had various reasons for entering the competition.

“There were several of us that decided to do it together to see who could win,” Chelsea Jones said. “We thought it would be fun to compete against each other.”

Freshman counselor Mike Rhodes decided to not shave so he wouldn’t be spending money on expensive razors. 

Freshman Kyle Turman jumped at the chance to have an excuse not to shave.

“I hate to shave,” Turman said. “I also wanted to display my manliness.”

Some students are very confident in their growth methods and ability.

“At the beginning of the year, I had a really big beard, and I know I could grow it again,” sophomore Jason Oser said. “I’m in the New Beard category because I can grow a beard fast. I figured that would be my best category.”

Garrison was confident she would win the competition.

“I have an advantage. My Italian heritage helps with speedy hair growth,” Garrison said.

Participants find both relief and fulfillment in being careless with their hair growth.

“It’s awesome,” Oser said. “I can just get up and go to class. There are people who can’t grow beards, so they’re like, ‘Man, I wish I could do it.’ I’m sort of living their dream.”

Rhodes has enjoyed the competition.

“Everyone is starting to look different,” Rhodes said. “It’s a change, and people like change.”

Turman is also a fan of the competition.

“I’ve vastly enjoyed it,” Turman said. “I bask in my beard’s glory every day.”

Some contenders, however, share different feelings.

“I hated not shaving,” Jones said. “It drove me crazy!”

Though views about the contest varied when it came to enjoying the contest, everyone agreed that the first thing they would do when the contest was over was shave.

“I’m going to shave and also cut my hair because it’s getting gross,” Oser said. “I’ll probably keep it in a bag.”

All contestants encourage participation in the competition.

“If you have not ever participated in this event, you should,” Rhodes said. “Everyone should experience what it feels like to be a caveman.”

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