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Landmark offers ‘Food, Fuel, Fizz’

Friday, November 30, 2007  
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By Tracy Corcoran

POPS is the new go-to place for “food, fuel and fizz” since it’s opening in August. POPS is a restaurant, gas station, convenience store, and shake and soda shop on Route 66 in Arcadia, Okla.

POPS marketing manager Jessica Ockershauser said POPS is an experience anyone can enjoy, especially families.

“POPS is quickly becoming a new destination spot in Oklahoma,” Ockershauser said.  “Starting with our 66 foot tall soda bottle wrapped in LED lighting, the POPS experience is one that you cannot find anywhere else.  It not only speaks toward the resurgence of Route 66, but its fun and friendly atmosphere makes POPS a great place to bring the family.”

Sophomore Brody Gustafson found POPS while camping last year in Arcadia. He said the 66 foot tall soda bottle was what caught his eye.

“My friend and I, sometime last year, were camping around Arcadia. We passed it and saw this big huge bottle structure,” Gustafson said. “We researched it and found out it was going to be a pop place.”

Ockershauser said POPS was originally going to be built because the town needed a gas station, but it later turned into something greater.

“Aubrey McClendon, the owner of POPS, has owned the land that POPS is currently on for quite some time.  There used to be a gas station in this spot years ago, and the owners moved and closed the store,” Ockershauser said. “Mr. McClendon saw the need for a gas station in the area, and because it was on Route 66, he wanted to make it a fun, destination spot.  He teamed up with architect Rand Elliott and the team at Elliott + Associates, and POPS was born.”

McClendon is also the CEO and director of Chesapeake Energy.

Junior Melia Turner started hanging out at POPS because a few friends invited her and told her she would not be disappointed. Turner goes to hang out and buys all different sorts of pop.

“It just has a fun atmosphere,” Turner said. “It’s fun to try new things and hang out in a place that is so out of the ordinary.”

POPS offers more than 400 different types of soda and beverages, and Ockershauser said the soda has been a huge selling point for POPS.

“People have loved the soda,” Ockershauser said. “In our first three months, we sold over 130,000 bottles of soda.”

Gustafson and his roommate are trying to collect as many bottles from POPS as they can.

“We usually spend about ten minutes looking at the whole wall of all the pop flavors trying to decide [which soda to get]. We try to get ones we haven’t gotten yet,” Gustafson said. “We like to collect the bottles. My roommate and I have around 40 bottles from there.”

Turner said POPS is a must see for people living near Arcadia.

“It’s just something you need to see if you are living anywhere near it,” Turner said. “It’s not far from campus and well worth the drive.  You can literally find whatever flavor of coke you would ever want.”

Gustafson recommends experiencing all POPS has to offer.

“There are actually people that come a long way to see it,” Gustafson said. “It’s just a great experience.”

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