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Barnes, Swan crowned royalty

Friday, November 16, 2007  
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By Kimberlee Rhodes

Senior Adam Barnes and senior Halie Swan were crowned homecoming royalty at Oklahoma Christian University’s homecoming ceremonies this past weekend.

Barnes, a 21-year-old from Yukon, Okla., is a mathematics major and was a starter for the varsity soccer team all four years of his college career. He is the Executive Secretary of SGA and a member of Chi Lambda Phi.

After graduation, Barnes plans to get a job utilizing mathematics.

“I want to be an Actuary, preferably here in Oklahoma City,” Barnes said.

One of his main goals is to use his talents and abilities to glorify God.

Barnes sees being crowned homecoming king as an “unexpected honor.”

“I don’t really feel I deserve it,” Barnes said.

Barnes feels attending Oklahoma Christian has shaped him into a better person.

“I love OC and have grown a lot here,” Barnes said. “In high school, I was very shy and reserved, but being at OC has forced me out of my shell a bit.”

During his years at Oklahoma Christian, Barnes succeeded with the help of his friends.

“My close friends and my brothers in Chi are probably the ones here at OC who push me to do my best,” Barnes said. “They support and encourage me in whatever I do: soccer, SGA or classes. I hope I can encourage them as much as they have encouraged me.”

Swan, a 22-year-old from Vernon, Texas, is a liberal studies major, a member of Summer Singers and a member of Gamma Rho.

After graduation, Swan and her fiancé, Casey Thompson, plan to get married and live near campus. 

“We don’t know exactly what we are doing, but we know that God has gotten us this far, so why start worrying now,” Swan said.

The personal relationships Swan has developed during her years at Oklahoma Christian are very important to her.

“I never knew that professors, presidents and deans could be your friends,” Swan said. “The people that I have met here have made me understand why I love people so much.”

Swan is also thankful she could share her college experience with her two siblings, Coordinator for Alumni Relations Corlie Agnew and freshman Whitnie Swan.

“I come from a really close family, so being away from my sisters was completely out of the question,” Swan said. “My sisters are my best friends.”

Although some things weren’t easy, Swan has learned that God always has her best interest in mind.

“God brought me here,” Swan said. “God has taken me places that I didn’t want to go to, but I went, and in the end, I cried because it was over. I didn’t want it to end.”

Swan also believes being a part of the Summer Singers broadened her perspective of the world around her.

“Traveling with the Summer Singers has opened my eyes to a whole new world,” Swan said. “I thank God that I have been able to help so many people, but I really think that other people have helped me more than I have ever helped them.”

Both Swan and Barnes feel the honor of homecoming royalty bestowed on them is undeserved, but they are glad they could share their God-given gifts with everyone. They hope to encourage those around them through the honor.

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