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Podcast subscription offered through iTunes

Friday, November 16, 2007  
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By Kristin Cumbie

Audio podcasts are now offered to the Oklahoma Christian University community through a free subscription. The podcasts can be heard through the Oklahoma Christian site or by subscribing to them through iTunes.

“If you subscribe to them through iTunes, they will automatically download when a new one becomes available,” Web Content Coordinator and writer for Marketing, Ann White said.

White is responsible for the recording and interviewing portion of the podcasts, and she decides which subjects will be covered.

The podcasts began in the 2006-2007 school year and were called “OC this week.” There were 11 recorded the first school year, and they featured speakers who visited campus.

Senior Stephanie Walters subscribed to the podcasts over the summer.

“I saw on an ad for the podcast on the OC Web site,” Walters said. “It was advertising that some of the lectureships were on and I was interested to see what it was like.”

The university hopes to release a new podcast every week.

“The goal of the podcasts is to reach a wide variety of people and give everyone something to be proud of,” White said.

White said the podcasts are not produced just for alumni.  They are also aimed at students, faculty, staff and parents.

“They have good interviews and insight to whatever topic they are reporting on,” Walters said. “You can really tell they do their research.”

Several universities have podcasts, but Oklahoma Christian offers more information in its podcasts than the others.

“I was just looking today at other universities that offer podcasts, but most of them only feature the speakers that visit their campuses,” White said.

White works with Web Services Coordinator, Micah Wooten, and senior Web designer, Stephen Bell, to produce the podcasts. The team hopes to produce upcoming podcasts on topics besides guest speakers.

“We want to appeal to the human interest and cover student organizations, service activities and other big activities on campus,” White said.

The podcasts took a brief hiatus and then returned with an interview featuring Director of Alumni Relations Michael Mitchell discussing Homecoming this year.

“We used the podcasts to reach a different demographic for Homecoming,” White said.

It takes three to four hours to organize all of the questions and decide on the content for the podcasts.

The podcasts can be done in one take or can be edited after they have been recorded. White is responsible for doing the interviews, while Wooten and Bell coordinate all of the technical aspects.

The team is currently working on looking at different ways to measure how often the podcasts are listened to and how many people subscribe.

White is also responsible for working with bloggers and keeping the campus community up to date.

She talks to a variety of people to find out what type of content people want to see on the Web site and then executes it.

According to Walters, the podcasts are a good way to hear about what is going on around campus.

The team would like to emphasize this is the students’ university and wants them to have a voice in deciding the topics of the podcasts.

Suggestions for upcoming podcasts can be e-mailed to 

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