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Curves provides private fitness facility for women

Friday, November 16, 2007  
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By Tracy Corcoran

Oklahoma Christian University women have a more personal option when it comes to working out and getting fit. The fitness center, Curves, is the largest fitness franchise in the world with 10,000 locations worldwide including a franchise next to the campus.

Belinda Stone, the owner of the Curves on Memorial Road, said it provides a more comfortable environment for women wanting to work out.

“I think women just typically feel less intimidated [at Curves]. They don’t feel like they’re on display and that somebody is watching them,” Stone said. “They just feel more comfortable.”

Junior Kari Briggs is one of the seven women attending Curves from Oklahoma Christian. She prefers Curves over the Oklahoma Christian gym because she doesn’t have to think about her work out.

“The thing I really like about Curves is it’s mindless. You only have to rotate around the circuit two or three times, and then you’re done,” Briggs said. “You don’t have to decide which machines to use or what you want to do for your workout.”

The circuit at Curves takes what would be an hour and a half workout and cuts it down to just a half hour.

“It’s a simultaneous strength training and cardio on a circuit. You make up all the major muscle groups, and you get all five aspects of a total workout: warm-up, strength training, cardio, cool-down, and stretching or flexibility,” Stone said. “It’s a really quick way to get your workout in.”

The Curve-Smart mechanisms are the newest additions to Curves. The brand new machines give members an instant response on their work outs.

Stone’s franchise is one of the first 350 Curves to receive this new equipment.

“Curve-Smart gives you automatic feedback, whether you’re getting enough range of motion or using enough strength,” Stone said. “It gives you how many calories you’ve burned, and it gives you instantaneous feedback while you’re on the machine. It tells you if you’re doing it fast enough and far enough to give you that feedback to really make sure you’re getting a good workout.”

In addition to not having machines to give you instant feedback, the Oklahoma Christian gym also doesn’t come with personal trainers. Stone said another advantage to Curves is getting personal attention.

“We’re all certified personal trainers here to make sure you’re staying in the right cardio zone, and you’re working your muscles adequately,” Stone said.

The new Curve-Smart machines are designed specifically for every woman who uses them.

“We do a pre-test on each piece of equipment to determine what your range of motion is and what your strength level is,” Stone said. “An 80 year old can get a challenging workout just as well as an 18 year old because it’s going to be set up for them specifically.”

Briggs said she notices a difference in her day if she does not go to Curves.

“If I’m stressed out after class and I go to Curves, I feel less stressed when I come back, rather than if I don’t go on a day,” Briggs said. “I feel more balanced, and I can tell I feel better if I go.”

Students who join Curves will receive an almost 40 percent discount off their membership fee, making the cost $99 per semester. This is a great opportunity for women to get fit in a private setting close to campus.

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