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Students find employment near campus

Friday, November 16, 2007  
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By Jacey Jacobs

Two restaurants have given Oklahoma Christian University students convenient job opportunities. 

With the opening of the new Starbucks off Memorial Road and Jimmy John’s right off Benson Road, many students have found the businesses opportune places to work.

For junior Lindsay Bingham, this is the case.

She has worked at the Starbucks by campus since it opened in October.

“It is really convenient. I like working at Starbucks because wherever I move, I can just transfer stores. It’s a great environment,” Bingham said. “I live in phase six, so I can just walk to work and save money on gas. It’s great for nomadic people.”

Bingham began working for the Starbucks Corporation in May of 2006 in Omaha, Neb.

“My sister started working at a Starbucks in Chicago, and she really liked it. That got me into doing it. I applied to the one in Omaha knowing I would transfer here,” Bingham said. “It looked like people liked working there, and now that I do work there; it really is a fun place to work.”

Bingham started working at the Starbucks on 15th and Bryant, but when the location on Memorial opened, she transferred stores.

“The only downside to it being near campus is that my world is getting smaller.  There is not much escape, but it’s convenient for me and for the rest of campus,” Bingham said. “It is really annoying that since people know I work at Starbucks, they expect me to give them a discount or free drink or something.”

For junior Tim Dubose, the convenient location of Jimmy John’s has been a relief in his life.

“I’ve been working at Jimmy John’s since September of 2006. Before then, I worked at the 2nd Street Jimmy John’s store,” Dubose said. “I didn’t have a car when I worked at 2nd Street, so I rode my bike from campus twice to three times a week.”

According to Dubose, about 60 percent of the Jimmy John’s staff attends college at Oklahoma Christian. 

Dubose’s experience at Jimmy John’s has led to a higher position as a manager.

“The old store manager of the 2nd Street store, who is now the area manager for both Edmond stores, wanted me to be a manager for the Memorial store when it opened,” Dubose said. “When he asked me, I wasn’t quite sure if I really wanted to become a manager. I really needed time for school, and even though making money is nice, I didn’t want my grades to slip. But, honestly, the offer was good, so I went through training and opened at the Memorial Road store a few weeks later.”

Dubose said there are great advantages to working so close to campus.

“I can walk to work, and I don’t spend too much money on gas,” Dubose said. “Really, a big advantage to working so close to campus is Oklahoma Christian’s atmosphere. A majority of our employees are Oklahoma Christian students or former Oklahoma Christian students.”

No matter where Dubose’s future will take him, he is grateful to God for all the experiences he has had in his life.

“It is always good to have job experience, especially management experience, on a résumé. Plus the lessons I’ve learned managing at Jimmy John’s will benefit any type of leadership role I lend myself to in the future,” Dubose said. “My time working at Jimmy John’s has been a blessing. Any success I’ve found with this job is all from God. I really can’t take credit for anything.”

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