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Realizations: Appreciating new things

Saturday, November 3, 2007  
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By Rachel Chisholm

Now that I am older, I appreciate so many more things in my life. I would always laugh at my parents or older siblings when they would say, “You’ll appreciate this some day, Rachel.” I completely understand now.

For example, my mother’s incessant need to take a picture of every award ceremony, party, recital, performance and formal event grew rather tiring. I hated it at the time, but am now so appreciative of the memories she captured. I ran across some of these pictures the other day at home and literally both cried and laughed out loud. I really should thank her for them all.

I also appreciate now more than ever, early mornings. I still like to sleep in some Saturdays, but get much less irritated about having to wake up early. I even like to wake up before noon, which is a very new thing in my life. I can’t sleep in past 10:30 a.m. anymore and never thought I would reach this point.

I now look forward to spending time with my family as well and appreciate them much more than I ever realized. I love my family and have always had good relationships with them, but now treasure the rare time we get to spend when we are all together. I took that time for granted until my siblings started to move away from home.

Life changed so rapidly when my sister graduated, got married and moved to Norman. Her move was quickly followed by my brother graduating, getting married and moving to Texas a year later.

I suppose this moving away process is a normal realization for the youngest born, but one that is hitting me harder now that I am quickly approaching my own graduation. We only are all together on holidays now, and are all busier than I have ever known us to be. I enjoy the time that we do get to all be together and laugh at how much I miss everyone when we aren’t together.

I appreciate school so much more now than ever as well. I never have liked school or studying at all. I am the only one in my family that isn’t extremely studious and have received grief from them my entire life for it. Now, I actually like school, just in time to graduate, and appreciate the skills that I have gained from my college experience. I am, however, so ready to graduate and continue learning in my field.

Perhaps the most defining appreciations are my relationships with people. I am proud of my friendships, and don’t think often enough about how lucky I actually am to have people in my life that care so much about me and who I become. Those realizations are imperative.

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