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Finding purpose in the mission

Saturday, November 3, 2007  
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By Jill Ramsey

It won’t be long until graduation, and few things about our college experience will matter anymore.

The path to discovering what is truly important while attending Oklahoma Christian is simply a look at the University’s mission.

The mission of Oklahoma Christian is to graduate students from a “distinctly Christian higher learning community valuing faith, scholarship, integrity, stewardship, and liberty.”

That means we should graduate as well-rounded individuals, knowing who God is and how we are going to use our skills to better the world around us.

I love the University’s tag line, “Higher learning, higher calling.” Oklahoma Christian is more than an institution providing an obtainable degree. This vision statement for the University sets us apart from the world, and gives us a purpose.

We are not just preparing for a career, we are preparing to meet the needs of those in the world around us.

This vision for a higher calling is often neglected by students focusing on campus life instead of real life.

I must say, being involved in the campus community is valuable, and should not be belittled in any way. Our campus body needs each person to have a place and use their gifts.

But this is spinning out of control. Being active in the campus community does not mean social club drama or intramural fights. As college students, our knowledge of life should not be used to craft cut-downs about clubs and our focus should not be on winning the most competitions.

Upon graduation you will no longer be in a student organization; it will no longer matter.

It is frustrating to see bigger turn-outs at intramural games than service projects, and hear pledging and Spring Sing turn into prayer requests because they are making life harder.

How do we have time to serve God if we have taken on too much to make it through the week? Is it really okay to compromise our purpose over something like Spring Sing?

College is a place to cultivate ourselves into people that can be a valuable part of society. It is not a place where we strive to fit in and show up to look good. 

The potential for what our campus can do is immeasurable. Organizations like Wishing Well should be what makes us passionate and is an example of what we can do when we put our talents to work right now.

Imagine what campus life would be like if everyone was using their skills to work for the purpose.

The four years here are foundational and are the tools that will shape us into the people that can reach their potential. We must fight to not be pulled down by temporary, insignificant issues and began our quests to glorify God with our lives by serving the greater good with the vision in mind.

Live in reality knowing that college ends and the world needs you to serve it. What will you have to offer? If you stop living for the contest and start living for the mission, your reward will be more than a diploma, it will be the ability to use your life to give hope to those that need it.

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