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Swan chosen for ‘Deal or No Deal’

Saturday, November 3, 2007  
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By Jacey Jacobs

Last summer is one that senior, Halie Swan, will never forget. She was chosen to be on the popular television game show, “Deal or No Deal.”

Her mother tried out for the show when auditions were held in Bricktown, and out of 6,500 people, she made the top 70. 

“Then the next day, we went to a hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. My sisters, my dad, and I were the supporters, and we did a mock one being videoed,” Swan said.

While waiting on her mother’s audition, Swan put together a singing and dancing performance for which she was called back and interviewed. 

“We ended up being in the top 10 in OKC. A month or two after that, I got the call, and my mom was going to be the number one supporter,” Swan said.

The time between the call and the taping of the show was short compared to most television standards.

“The call came in July, and the show was taped on August 2,” Swan said. “The main producer of the show said I was the quickest person they have ever auditioned, called, and put on.”

Swan received star treatment from the moment she arrived in Los Angeles. Being a horse aficionado, she was taken to the ranch of a nation-wide horse trainer who trains horses to be in movies. She rode the famous horse, Bobby, as well as another horse named X, which she rode during the taping of the show.

The next day began at 6:45 a.m. when Swan went to the taping of the show. She and her family met with lawyers to “sign away their rights,” according to Swan.

Once in the studio, the Swan family had someone with them at all times.

“It was very strict,” Swan said. “We even had to ask permission just to cross the hall.”

The day was filled with makeup calls, hair calls and calls to see how fast they could get down the elevator to practice. Swan says it was a taste of Hollywood because they were pampered so much.

Swan discovered appearances are deceiving the first time she saw the stage.

“It’s so much smaller than on TV,” Swan said. “I was anxious all day until I got on stage where I felt right at home and calm.”

At the beginning of the show, they offered Swan two cases of $1 million.

“I knocked out the first six on the right side of the board. Then, in the first eight, I hit both million dollars,” Swan said. “My first offer was $4,000.”

Swan’s highest offer was $50,000, and she took it.

“My case had $200,000,” Swan said. “I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had a six figure digit in my suitcase, but when it got down to it, I was looking at my family, and they wanted me to take the money.”

Swan said the models were sweet and everyone on the show looked like they were going to cry because of the low amount of money she got.

Even though the show did not go as well as Swan would have hoped, she did get the opportunity to sing for LeAnn Rimes via video telecasting on the show.

“It was fun for what it was, but it wasn’t long enough to air,” Swan said.

Despite how things went with the show, Swan remains optimistic.

“We were blessed to get to do this, and I got engaged two days later to Casey Thompson,” Swan said.

Swan will receive the money in December.

“I am going to split the money with my mom, and the majority of the money I will invest,” Swan said. “Then, I will take my sisters shopping.”

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