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Children trick-or-treat in residence halls, apartments

Saturday, November 3, 2007  
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By Kristin Cumbie

Students living in the residence halls and apartments were recently given several opportunities to participate in Halloween festivities.

Phase manager, Corlie Agnew, planned a Halloween party for the girls’ apartments in phase six on Tuesday night, and the ladies in attendance were entered to win a free room check.

Phase four representative Brittany Scott and manager Lindsay Prugh also hosted a pumpkin party.

Prugh provided the girls with paint, glitter, gemstones, feathers and all of the accessories to decorate them.

“One girl made a pumpkin with answers to her statistics homework on it and gave it to her teacher the next day,” Prugh said. “I have a very gifted phase and I hope to have another event this year that will let them demonstrate their creativity.”

The ladies of phase five were given a different opportunity.

“I told the girls that whoever wanted could carve a pumpkin and set it outside their doors on Wednesday, and I would come around and judge them,” phase five manager Jennifer Neilson said.

The ladies’ residence halls hosted the annual trick-or-treat night for children of faculty, staff and students.

Residents were given the option to participate by handing out candy to children stopping by.

“Some students participating in the trick-or-treating received a free late extension or room check,” freshman, Abigail White, said.

Sophomore, Rebecca Montgomery, chose to participate in the activity because she loves children and passing out candy.

“I remember going trick-or-treating as a kid and loving it, so I wanted to help give the kids the same joy I had,” Montgomery said.

Many students participated in the activity, including three ladies’ dorms. The participating children dressed up in costumes such as Superman, monkeys, ducks, pirates, princesses, an iPod and whoopi cushions.

Six year old, Riley Smith, said he liked walking to the doors and saying, “Trick-or-treat” to get candy.

“Those involved in the activities enjoyed different aspects of the activities,” Montgomery said.  “For some of the ladies in the dorm, it was seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes.”

White enjoyed being able to talk to her neighbors while passing out candy to the children.

“The best part of it is getting to know the girls that live in my phase and spending some time fellowshipping with one another,” Agnew said.

Prugh enjoyed observing what each lady brought to the table.

“They were all very creative, and I loved being able to watch what they came up with,” Prugh said.

The Halloween activities were all successes. and the university plans to continue the trick-or-treating tradition next year.

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