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Students intern at local congregations

Wednesday, October 24, 2007  
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By Wendy Sanders

The Memorial Road, Edmond, Del City, and Quail Springs Churches of Christ, along with many other congregations in the area look forward to having student interns from Oklahoma Christian University each school year.

Jeremy Roberts and Jennifer Gray are both interns with the college group at Edmond Church of Christ.

Roberts and Gray both have a great deal of internship experience. .

“I was actually asked by the college minister if I would do it. I almost said no because I wasn’t sure that I was going to have the time to do it,” Roberts said. “However, I realized that God put that opportunity there for me so that I could start becoming a leader like he wants me to be, so I took it.”

Roberts and Gray stay busy working with the college group during the school year.

“Every week, the interns are responsible for finding people for worship positions,” Gray said. “Also, we have a new program called prayer partners, and I am responsible for matching people up and e-mailing them their new prayer partners.”

At the Edmond Church of Christ, the interns play a key role in the Spring Break mission trip to Aquilles, Mexico each year by organizing people into groups and packing the food and supplies.

Junior Tyler Cope is an intern this year for Del City Church of Christ.

Cope interned at Del City all summer and kept the position this fall.

“Right now, I teach the junior high class on Sunday mornings. I am in charge of getting power point songs ready for our Wednesday night devotionals, and I hang out with the kids after church just to be there if they need someone to talk to,” Cope said.

Along with his routine tasks like teaching the junior high on Sunday mornings, Cope is often able to plan larger events for the youth group.

“Some of the big things I’m doing right now include helping plan the fall retreat,” Cope said. “The youth minister is letting me plan an activity for Halloween on my own right now, and I am helping with the Fall Festival that the church puts on every year.”

Memorial Road Church of Christ also hires interns for both the campus ministry and the youth group.

Kelsey Kelly grew up attending Memorial Road Church, and now she is serving as a youth intern there.

“I love working with teenagers, and I like to spend time with them, investing in their lives,” Kelly said. “I am friends with the youth minister at Memorial, Phil Brookman, and I considered him one of my mentors throughout high school.”

So far this year, Kelly has been very active in attempting to meet all 350 members of the Memorial Road Church’s youth group.

“There are many kids that can fall through the cracks, and I make it a point to try to get to know a certain amount of kids on a deeper level every week,” Kelly said. “This includes taking them to Sonic, giving them a ride or just hanging out with them one-on-one at the church.”

One of the highlights of her week is going to lunch with the seniors every Friday.

William Linden is another intern and spends his time with the Quail Springs Church of Christ’s college group.

After working there for about two years, Linden is very satisfied with his experiences.

“I am a Bible and Ministry major, and I wanted the opportunity to gain practical experience before graduation,” Linden said. “I like the freedom that Quail’s leadership gives me to develop alternative ways for helping people discover how to participate in life and more importantly, God’s plan of redemption.”

Kelly, as well as many other interns at the surrounding congregations, recommend interning with a youth group or college group.

Both the kids they minister to, and the interns themselves receive benefits.

“I have grown more in my spiritual walk this semester than I have in my most of my life,” Kelly said. “I would recommend interning to anyone that has the time. I think it is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and strengthen your faith.”

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