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Campus dining surveys student body

Friday, October 5, 2007  
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By Sarah Gogarty

This fall, campus dining has changed the way students comment on their dining experiences.

Oklahoma Christian University’s cafeteria is the home of Sodexho Campus Dining and the office of Kurt Hermanson, the area general manager of Sodexho Campus Dining.

“Last year, we started this online survey process,” Hermanson said. “Basically the survey asks a bunch of questions about your gender, classification, meal plan and about the food.”

To improve the cafeteria, students must let their voices be heard. After the change from paper surveys to an e-mail link last year, the number of surveys completed dropped. This year, Sodexho started early by sending out an e-mail informing students to expect this survey coming in the near future. Hermanson is looking forward to a large response to help improve the cafeteria.

“Those surveys really help me try and understand as a whole where the student body stands. We get a lot of comment cards and a lot of RA cards, but it is really kind of good to see, from my perspective, how we improve from year to year,” Hermanson said. “My hope is that we do not have the same concerns we had the year before, that we would fix those and try to make it better.”

The best way to help the Sodexho dining is by writing in the comment section what you would want to change or improve in the cafeteria, such as the quality or temperature of food or the atmosphere. This area will make the biggest impact on how the cafeteria is changed. Sodexho is making an effort to show they want the university to change for the students.

“I read through each of those comments to try and see what we can concentrate on,” Hermanson said.

Though the survey is sent to all the students, many upperclassmen believe their opinions are not valid because they are not in the cafeteria as frequently as underclassmen.

“I took it in the past since I actually ate in there, but now that I don’t eat in there, there is no point,” senior Aquila Evans said.

In hopes to get more students involved, this year’s survey will not only help the cafeteria. Each survey taken raises money for a cause. Last year, the fund went to the elevator in the DAH. Sodexho will donate one dollar for every survey taken this fall and spring semester. They are still undecided on what the money will go to this year.

Students who experience Oklahoma Christian’s Sodexho cafeteria can now raise money for charity while they help improve where they eat.

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