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Home schooling creates awareness

Monday, October 1, 2007  
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By Special to Opinions

Marshall Sayre

Home learned is my name and breaking stereotypes is my game. Society divides home schoolers into three groups: freakishly smart, freakishly religious and the socially inept (or any combination of the three). All social groups have misconceptions; home schoolers are no exception. A girl asked me recently, “You’re home schooled, right? Are you really retarded?” Some home school their children because they are behind other children their age. However, has it ever occurred to anyone that perhaps I was home schooled because I wanted to be? Before you judge, let’s think about it. Home schooling offers self-paced curriculum allowing as much time as you want or need to spend on a given subject, eliminating unnecessary busy work. Classes are whenever is convenient for you, which means your history class can begin at midnight.

The National Center of Education Statistics says there are 1.1 billion home schooled students. Home schoolers should be regarded like every other minority group. If you ##### us do we bleed? Yes, yes we do! All groups of people have stereotypes. The important thing to remember is it’s just a stereotype. Don’t be surprised when you meet an outgoing home schooler that doesn’t dress as if he or she just got off a farm. Home schoolers vary as much as the 31 ice cream flavors from Baskin Robins.

I’ll be the first to admit there are some home schoolers who get up at 4 in the morning to study. But athletes also get up early for conditioning and practice, what’s the difference? Why should the home schooler be persecuted as a freak while the athlete is praised for being dedicatied? The truth is there is no difference and both should be equally recognized for their efforts.

Home schoolers have to work hard to prove themselves. They’re just as intelligent (maybe more so, check the studies), sociable and “normal” as the next college kid. People sometimes think making fun of people gives them power. Yes, I have some naïve moments, but who doesn’t? Next time you see a home schooler give them a hug because they’re striving to fit into the world’s definition of “normal” just like anyone else.

Currently, there are 61 students on campus that are former home schoolers.

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