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Realizations: Power of prayer

Monday, October 1, 2007  
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By Rachel Chisholm

Each year in chapel, I get frustrated about the emphasis put on things that don’t matter. Not every time, but often enough to stir something inside of me that makes me want to write about it. Honestly, to my surprise, the opposite of frustration has been my feeling this year. I like the direction chapel is seemingly headed after these four years of sitting and feeling like something more should and could be done.

I want to thank those of you who have prayed for peace and a unified desire to love one another as well as our enemies in chapel this semester. It occurred to me during chapel on Tuesday that those prayers have been few and far between in the past and shouldn’t be anymore.

When we think of peace, we often think of our own skewed version of it. I may desire peace in America, among our government officials or among our Christian brothers and sisters. Shouldn’t I desire peace among all things and all people, including those who live thousands of miles away and have nothing or know nothing about Jesus and his love?

In the past, we have devoted only a small portion of chapel at the end of the week to focus on missions and people who work hard in many different ways across the world. This “Missions Minute,” literally crammed into one minute, was both a ridiculous and ineffective ploy to raise awareness. Let us give better attention to things that really matter, and less to the things we simply breeze though out of habit, such as the latest SGA event or big basketball game.

While I know I contribute virtually nothing to conversations referring to certain current issues such as the War on Terror and most things politically-based, I feel I have the right to assume prayer is a powerful force God calls each of us to practice regularly. We could all educate ourselves more on the details, but I know something I can do aside from research. And that is pray.

I know a reason for the recent attention placed on prayer for global issues and missions stems from the university hosting the World Mission Workshop this year. I am thankful for this event and hope the administration will see its impact. I also hope the university will continue to have this focus even after the WMW ends.

I am proud of our administration for implementing different days in chapel that have a specific prayer focus. However, devoting significant time to pray collectively in chapel is just the beginning. With being reminded daily of a different global issue or specific problem we have a responsibility to, on our own, continue that necessary avenue of communication with God and do our part as able-bodied servants of Him.

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