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Hart makes hobby job

Monday, October 1, 2007  
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By Kristin Cumbie

Baking and decorating cakes is not only a hobby for student, Sara Hart, but it is also a job. Hart teaches decorating classes for Hobby Lobby and is in her fourth year of cake decorating.

“This all started my junior year of high school on my Nana’s birthday,” Hart said. “She did not want to make her own cake, so I told her I would make it for her.”

After getting a book on how to decorate cakes, Hart made her first birthday cake. Her friend also took a class and showed her more techniques.

“This is kind of my artistic outlet,” Hart said.

Hart has made over 100 cakes since she first started. Most of them were made specifically for events or classes but others for practice and fun.

This past summer she made over 30 cakes, including a wedding and groom’s cake for Roy and Tiffany Rhodes.

“This was her first wedding cake, but she did a great job and it looked perfect,” Tiffany said.

Hart began the process of making the cake a week prior to the wedding. Their particular cake had over 200 hand-molded and hand-painted flowers made with a creamy sugar paste called fondant.

The cakes were made in Oklahoma and then driven to Texas to be decorated and delivered to the reception.

“I am not able to eat the cakes after I make them. The smell of the frosting as I am making it is too much,” Hart said. “I only had one small piece of their cake.”

Hart uses all Wilton brand cake pans when baking, along with a regular mixer. She does not have any special equipment for baking. She does, however, use specific decorating utensils when she paints.

Most of her cakes are made from box mixes, but all of her icings are made from scratch.

“I use the box mixes because it helps to have a consistent turn out every time,” Hart said.

Hart is enjoying her fourth month of cake decorating at Hobby Lobby.

“Classes are a guided practice. I show them something, and then they practice,” Hart said.

Hart is paid according to how many people she has attend the class. During the summer months, she offered classes at her home for some friends as well as classes at the store.

Hart has made cakes for many different events including birthdays, baby, wedding, and personal showers.

“Most of the time people will give me a napkin, and I will copy the image onto the cake,” Hart said.

Hart worked for Kroger bakery in her home town of Denver, Colo., but decided that making cakes all day, and then coming home and making more on her own was too much to handle.

Hart’s next project is the cake she is making for the reception following the interior design gallery opening next month. Art design instructor, Amy Beauchamp, asked Hart to create a cake for the event.

This summer, Hart will be attending Wilton cake school. She sees this as being a hobby that will be advantageous in the future.


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