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Conquering Truth

Friday, September 21, 2007  
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By Special to Opinions

Ny Potter

The first thing that popped into my head when Jill asked me to do the social experiment was, “No way! I don’t open up and tell people when something is wrong. I tend to put on a happy face and go about life. How in the world am I going to pull this off?”

Humorously, I told some people that hate how I am such a closed person about the possibility of me doing this, and they were stoked about it. They instantly began formulated the questions they had wanted to ask me. It was then I knew I was walking—sprinting, rather—into deep waters. I nearly regretted it until I realized how nice it might be to just lay it out on the line and let those dirty little secrets dry out in the crowded streets for all to see.

For me, this experiment became a guilty pleasure. While it was hard for me to be so straightforward with people, I secretly enjoyed it. The yolk of concealing everything and keeping true emotions hidden had been lifted. I now had an “excuse” to say certain things I wouldn’t normally say. A former pent-house, now an open field.

Not everything brought into light was bad. I had several amazing conversations with friends. I completely opened up and spilled things that had been going on in my life, thoughts I had been having, insecurities, etc. After I shared, my friends shared things. We found out so much we had in common. We teared up, prayed, embraced, chortled, and other mushiness.

I got out to a dear friend of mine how I feel she deserves much better than her current boyfriend. She was grateful for my honesty. After all, that is what true friends are for!

On Saturday at 1 a.m., a few of my girlfriends and I decided to trespass on someone’s land for the sake of camping. As we are setting up our tent, two cars start rolling toward us from the woods. They yelled at us asking who we were and what we thought we were doing.

Normally I might have made up an alibi as well as a alias, but this was no ordinary time. I had the thought in the back of my head to be radically honest. So I stated my name, purpose, place of residency, and testimony. Come to find out, these guys were fellow OC-ites and they let us continue on our merry camping adventure. Plus, we made some great new friends, who I now see around campus and thank for not shooting us with a riffle or suing for trespassing.

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