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2007 - Christina Stokes

Monday, June 23, 2008   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michael Mitchell
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Christina graduated OC in 2007 and is currently working as an English Language and Culture teacher for Junta de Andalucia in Spain.

Major? TEFL with a Spanish minor

What are you most known for? To people at my church and in my life, I am know as a Stokes girl, my parents daughter and a world traveler who cannnot get enough international culture experience. :)

What is your true calling? I think that God has put in me the desire to travel and explore the world he has created, as well as a love for languages. Experiencing new cultures and learning to love people from all over the world is what I want to do.

How'd you find this calling? The people at my church, in my youth group and mentors, helped to encourage me to live out my dreams and God has led me through the highs and lows to put theses things in my heart.

What is your biggest personal or professional achievement so far? I think that as of now, my biggest achievement (personally), is moving to another country and living there on my own. To support and live in a foreign country and begin a life from the ground up. It was such a growing and hard experience that I would not trade for anything.

What is the biggest professional or personal hurdle that you've overcome? I think that the biggest hurdle to overcome is to break free from the stereotype and personality that I have defined myself within and see the new ways that God can use me, if only I would let him.

Your inspiration? My inspiration comes from many people... my parents have encouraged me to find what God has planned for me and to run at it without holding back; different people from my church community who helped to show me how to make my dreams a reality; and my different teachers who encouraged me to never settle for less than the best and work towards the best!

Teamwork or fly solo? I think that teamwork is a great way to better yourself and others. There is no way that I can think of everything and in different areas I fall short, but when you work with a team, the other people can support each other and make up for what you lack.

If you woke up tomorrow and had to start a new career, what would it be? If I had to change careers I think that I would be a doctor, to offer medical aid in other countries; a counselor, to help people and meet them where they are at; or an archologist, because I always wanted to be Indiana Jones. :)

What advice do you have for future generations? Live life to the fullest and never hold back. Don't let fear keep you from trying new things and following your heart.

Describe yourself in 3 words? adventurous, dreamer, and wide-eyed

How do you spend your down time? I love to read and to be with my friends. I enjoy working with kids and hanging out with my family.

Passions and diversions? I love soccer and shopping. I am obsessed with reading a good novel and love to see movies. I love my church and the people there. I enjoy playing with children and hanging out with all my little friends.

Stress relievers? When I am stressed, I try to redirect myself. I might take a nap or a hot shower. I might stop what I am stressing myself over and work on another project and come back later with a fresh mind and prospective.

What's next for you? I hope to work in the States with the international and immigrant community. I would love to find a job that allows me to work with people and realte to them in realistic ways.

What are you working toward? I want to one day live in a foreign country and immerse myself into another culture. I would love to work as a relief aid worker as well.

How will you make your mark? I want to change and make a difference in at least one life and influence them to change another life.

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