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1978 - Phil Crews

Monday, June 2, 2008   (0 Comments)
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Oklahoma Christian University is proud to feature Phil Crews in the Alumni Spotlights section of AlumNews. Phil graduated OC in 1978 and is currently the Development Coordinator for the Mountain States Children's Home in Longmont, CO. Phil, his wife Shelly (Kooi), and their two kids, Brandon and Brady have all attended OC.

Degree? Bachelor of Arts

Major? Mass Communications

What are you most known for? At Oklahoma Christian: Two Sport Letterman; Basketball & Track and singing in the band, "Copperfield"

What is your true calling? I feel that building relationships is what I would call my true calling, which touches every aspect of life, whether it be career, family, friends, or those that you don't know. Whether we are talking business, through writing music, or sharing God. I guess we are all called, as Christians to model Jesus in our relationships.

How'd you find this calling? I suppose that one finds avenues throughout life where you find out what your strengths are and then you use them as the opportunities arise. I have found this to be true in my case.

What is your biggest personal or professional achievement so far? I feel that having two children and a wife to share God and the values that He has layed out for us in obedience is a great accomplishment for a family or as an individual achievement, as they all have to work together.

What is your proudest moment? Watching my children as they have grown and become strong adults.

What is the biggest professional or personal hurdle that you've overcome? The biggest hurdle any of us has to overcome is ourself. I feel that I have stepped out of who I "thought I was" and became who I "could be", which is very difficult. I am still working on this one.

What is something people should know about you that is not on your resumé? I was a cabinet business owner of Crews Woodworking for several years.

Life's motto? It is better to fall into a raging river than to step into a stagnant pond that breeds flies and stench because at least in the river you are going to get somewhere.

Your inspiration? I work in raising funds for a children's home and the children that come into my life, that have been abused or neglected in different ways, and have overcome many issues from their past. They are truly constant inspirations in my life right now.

Teamwork or fly solo? I like the common bond of a great team but I usually tend to fly solo.

If you woke up tomorrow and had to start a new career, what would it be? I have been there! I have changed jobs several times and I would want to work in place that I could help those around me succeed. If I could ever have a dream career, I believe it would be as a writer. I currently write poetry, lyrics, lessons, sermons, and short stories. I look at those creative avenues as opportunities to help others, maybe, see things in a different light through my writing.

How do you plan to self improve? I plan to be more disciplined in my life. I would like to improve in Biblical knowledge and understanding. I would like to improve in physical fitness and mental strength.

What advice do you have for future generations? Raise families with an eternal love for God so that both our earthly and our heavenly homes will be blessed.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Creative, passionate and encouraging

Causes you support? I support Mountain States Children's Home because of the growing concern for those young people, our future, that need our help.

How do you spend your down time? I like to relax by watching or listening to sports.

Passions and diversions? Writing, creating

Stress relievers? Writing, music, creating

What's next for you? Keep climbing and searching for a way to the top.

What are you working toward? "Heaven" . . . but also a position that will allow me time to share my passion for writing.

How will you make your mark? I don't know but I hope that it is in a creative way that will encourage or edify those around me.

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