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Volunteer Resources: Eagle Exit

Ideas for an Eagle Exit

Eagle Exit party hosts select the location, type of food and fun for each event. We don't want these gatherings to be a financial burden, so keep it simple. Ask others to help share the costs, including OC alumni or friends of the university and local members of the Board of Trustees and National Alumni Council. Use the event checklist to make sure all the details are planned.

Here are a few suggestions for food:

  • Light refreshments or snacks
  • Sandwich or salad supper
  • Potluck dessert buffet
  • Cook-out
  • Dutch treat - meet at a local restaurant (Be sure to cover the cost for students)

Eagle Exit Details

OC's Office for Alumni Relations will provide a party box of OC goodies and give-a-ways to be used as door prizes or however party planners see fit.

Eagle Exit Party Box includes:

  • Blank name tags and Sharpie pens
  • Guest registration sheets
  • Blank cards for writing encouragement notes to students
  • OC pens
  • A large envelope to keep the encouragement notes for later delivery
  • Alumni update forms

The Eagle Exit Itself

Greetings and registration: Have an outgoing person greet all guests as they arrive. Make sure everyone has a nametag and signs the guest registration sheet. Decide if you want guests to eat or snack immediately or perhaps play an icebreaker game to encourage interaction.

Devotional: Sing a few songs and have a couple of alumni give testimonials about how attending OC has blessed their lives, led to lifetime relationships or even brought them to God.

Student blessing: Pray for God's blessing on the students from your group who will be attending OC, along with wisdom and understanding for OC faculty, staff and administrators. During the party, make sure everyone writes a personal encouragement note for each student. Collect all the cards in a basket or box and send them to the Alumni Office in the envelope provided.

Special favors: We want this to be a personal experience for everyone involved, so hosts may want to provide special favors for each student - a memento or token to remind them of home. For instance, you might consider having t-shirts made for incoming freshmen that attend your Eagle Exit party. The matching shirts would allow the students to identify each other on campus.

Take pictures: We'll post them on our Web site, along with a brief description of your Eagle Exit party and any special stories you submit.

Wrap up: Let us know how it went! Complete the evaluation form and return it, along with completed registration sheets and any leftover cards and materials.
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