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Alumni E-Mail FAQ's
Why is my student e-mail address being removed?

Oklahoma Christian University’s licensing agreement with Microsoft allows us to maintain a mailbox for all faculty, staff and students that attend or work at Oklahoma Christian University. The University recognizes that there is a need and desire on the part of our Alumni to maintain an e-mail address connected with the University for keeping up with friends and family, and also to assist in establishing a professional life for graduates. This application allows us a cost-effective method to satisfy these needs for the Alumni community.

How do I check my Alumni E-Mail account?

The primary method for checking your Alumni E-Mail account is through the web interface at Simply put your username and password in the box supplied, and you are ready to go.

What if I forget my Alumni E-Mail password?

There is a link at that allows you to change your password.

Can I use a POP3 or IMAP4 E-Mail client to check my Alumni E-Mail account?

Yes, the POP3 and IMAP4 servers are both: You will need to use your ISP’s SMTP server to send mail. You ISP should be able to supply you with the name of that server. Please refer to the documentation for your particular e-mail client for setup information.

Can my Alumni account be forwarded to my workplace or home e-mail account?

Yes, you are given the option of either Hosted or Forwarded e-mail when you first request an e-mail account. This can be changed at any time in the web interface at After you log into the Alumni E-Mail, click on Personal Account Options, and click on Mail Forwarding Options. If you no longer want your mail forwarded to another mailbox, clear the e-mail address from the box. If you would like to have your e-mail forwarded to another mail box, put in the new e-mail address in the box provided.

What is my E-Mail address? where you replace "username" with theemail username you requested when you created your account.

Will my Student E-Mail address be forwarded to my Alumni E-Mail address?

Addresses at * are reserved for current students. If you have graduated, your student e-mail address will be deleted three months after you graduate.

How do I move my e-mail from my student account to my Alumni account?

There are a couple of ways to move the e-mail. The simplest is to forward your student e-mail to your alumni account. Another way is to use a POP3 e-mail client like Outlook Express or Eudora Mail to pull your e-mail from the student mail server to the Alumni mail server. The POP3 Server names are: – Student mail server – Alumni mail server

Please refer to the documentation on your POP3 client for instructions on setting up the mail services.

Why do some of my messages have “Yellow Spam” in the subject line?

All mail that comes into the OC network is scanned for SPAM by SpamAssasin. This helps to cut back on network traffic by stopping SPAM at the borders of our network, and also keeps the amount of junk that you receive in your account down. If you have questions about the SPAM filtering software, please see the ITS website for more details:

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