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Special Projects - Judd Theater Green Room Makeover

Special Projects - Judd Theater Green Room Makeover Details » Donate Online

Often the green room in a theater is easy to over look. The green room is where actors go backstage in order to get ready for a play, do quick changes, or stay during a performance so they will not be in the way of stage crew during set changes.

The green room for Judd Theater has seen better days, but could easily be improved with a few minor changes.

By giving to this project, you will help OC's Theater program give their green room a much needed makeover. Once complete, the green room will be a warmer, more inviting place to be used during performances, but also during the school year as a place to hold drama events, such as cast parties and other social activities.

Below are two relatively inexpensive changes that, with the help of your donation, OC's Theater program will implement to create an inviting and usable green room:

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way...  Right now the green room has spots where the paint has been chipped off the wall, smudges and stains from makeup and costuming, and discoloration from age in general. Your donation will allow us to give the green room a fresh coat of paint and add a sense of cleanliness and newness to the room, as well as cover the above mentioned blemishes.

The couches in the green room are worn out from years of good use. While they are still usable and don't need to be replaced yet, your donation, which will be used to purchase slip covers, will add years to the life of these couches.

Please help us makeover the Judd Theater green room by making a donation to this project.

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