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Memorials - Tony Alley Memorial Garden

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Donations to this fund will go towards creating a memorial garden just outside the area where Tony Alley's office was located. Read below for more information about Tony's Alley:

Shortly after Dr. Alley's funeral, a special announcement was made about a campus memorial being planned by several of his colleagues.

Although still in the planning stages, a concept is being developed for the Tony Alley Memorial Garden that, once complete, will honor Tony's memory, serve students and beautify an area of campus that is just outside of Alley's former office. The garden will ultimately provide an outdoor space that can be used as a quiet, contemplative place for students and faculty.

"The idea came out of a collaboration of a meeting with several faculty members and administration," said David Crismon, professor of art and design. "The impulse is to have something visible and tangible that the students and OC community can use on a daily basis and in the future."

"We need as many people to help as possible," Crismon said. "We'd like help from students and donors. The project is only limited by money and resources."

"The people in Art & Design wanted something that you could see," Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences David Lowry said. "We got to thinking about the area outside of Tony's office, and we thought that would be wonderful place for a memorial."

Many students and professors were touched by Alley's impact and are eager to see the memorial constructed.

"He was a mentor of mine," senior Matthew O'Laughlin said. "One of the important things for me to see was that the person who was in the line of work I was pursuing was the kind of person that I wanted myself to be."

If you would like help honor the life of Tony Alley by making a donation to the Tony Alley Memorial Garden, click here.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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