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You now have a unique opportunity to enhance the OC experience for our students while making a gift that is recognized permanently. By choosing to sponsor an apartment or a residence hall room, your name or a name of your choosing will be affixed permanently outside the room. Your gift will be an endowment for the room, meaning your gift will be invested, and down through the years the interest from your gift will ensure that the room is maintained for each new generation of students. It is all about good stewardship.
Additionally, each student who moves into the room for the first time will receive a written introduction to the room's namesake via a biographical sketch prepared by you. In this way we can help connect the generations of OC graduates and create a greater sense of history, community, and appreciation of our heritage.
Sponsorships are offered at the following rates, which can be fulfilled through various pledge options up to five years:
Sponsored Unit:
New four person apartment: $18,000
New two person apartment: $12,000
Refurbished apartment: $6,000
New residence hall room: $6,000
Refurbished residence hall room: $3,000

Please note that while you may choose a specific room to dedicate (perhaps one of your old rooms), these naming opportunities are offered on a first come first served basis. To arrange the details of your room dedication, contact John Michener at (405) 425-5134, or via email:

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